Video of Deer Attacking Family While Woman Screams Hysterically

If you live in Idaho, it’s not uncommon to see wildlife in your neighborhood, around town, or on your driveway. Deer, squirrels, moose, coyotes and raccoons are some of the animals we find when we step outside here, but how you react to them often reflects how they react to you. Sometimes you notice them before you go out and stay inside while sometimes they surprise you but you get in the car or go back inside. In some cases and depending on the animal, you may stand still and stare at each other. A recent video shows what a Wyoming family did when they encountered a buck in their driveway and got it all wrong.

Male mule deer attacks family in driveway

In the video above, a family in Wyoming went out and found a mule deer in their driveway. The woman stands and stares at it until her dog runs past and the deer bucks. Things could have gone quiet from there, unless the woman decided to then attack the deer with her purse, to which the deer responded by taking her to the ground and bucking her. The lady keeps screaming throughout the video, with the deer even looking at her with a confused expression and saying, “What the hell is wrong with you?” The deer eventually calms down and watches the woman and her husband without moving, but everything in this video is what you should not do in this situation.

Comments on Woman Attacking Deer

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

Notice and learn from this family, and then if you ever see a deer in your driveway, do the opposite. While the deer bucked the dog, the video shows that the woman was more to blame for provoking the deer than the other way around. The comments on the video seem to be correct. Some of the comments are worth reading and will make you smile.

This is a real example of why you evacuate the women and children first. So the men can think about a solution in peace.

They should have just turned on the headlights of that car and the deer would have just stood there.

He saw the Cabelas hat and said, “Oh damn no!”.

I think she was trained in how to do everything wrong when encountering a wild animal. Unleashed dog, quick movements and turning your back on a wild animal, screaming, hitting with the purse, then not observing the surroundings and tripping. I don’t know if it could even hold up against a horsefly.

These are just some of the best comments. Make sure to scroll through after watching the video a few times first. The woman was reportedly hospitalized, but this has not been confirmed or denied.

While the yelling is a bit much and most of us will laugh at the video, it serves as a reminder to know what to do in this situation. Make sure your dogs stay indoors, away from the wild animals, don’t approach them, especially not to hit them with a handbag, and call Animal Control or Fish and Game if possible. Repeatedly yelling and approaching a wild animal in your driveway is not the answer. Hopefully you don’t find yourself in that situation, but if you do, be smarter than this family.

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