Chrishell Stause still thought she was ‘straight’ when she kissed G Flip | Entertainment

Chrishell Stause” has definitely thought about it [she] was straight,” the night she first kissed G Flip.

The ‘Selling Sunset’ star revealed last May that she was romantically involved with the non-binary singer, and the pair are now recalled snogging at a party at the 41-year-old realtor’s home when they were dating night did not show up .

Chrishell recalled, “I got up that night.”

G Flip – who had just moved to Los Angeles when the party took place – added: “I rocked out to Chrishell’s party all by myself and forced myself to talk to people and make friends…

“Chrishell got up and we ended up kissing.”

Chrishell admitted, “But I definitely still thought I was straight at that party!”

The former ‘All My Children’ star – who was previously married to actor Justin Hartley – has kissed friends before, “but more because of the guys’ reaction”.

She added in an interview with Australia’s Vogue magazine: “I had no problem doing something like this, but in my head I have [didn’t think I] could have a meaningful relationship with someone…”

And after the first kiss, Flip asked Chrishell out on a date, but she replied, “I apologize for being straight.”

Shortly after, Chrishell realized she felt more than friendship for the 28-year-old singer when she went to a house play to help the ‘About You’ hitmaker find a home.

Discussing how G Flip “approached her” in a familiar way, she recalled her reaction: “I remember in particular because it was the same feeling you had when someone you have a crush on something gets too close to your space and you blush a little…nervous…

“For me, that physical reaction where I was like, ‘Oh wait, this sounds familiar,’ was a turning point.”

At the time, the ex-‘Days Of Our Lives’ star was in talks to star in a dating show with intentions of finding a new man, but her attraction to G Flip had “opened my brain to the fact that I” I’m attracted to energy, not just any physical thing that people have in mind. I don’t have a guy, so I brought that idea to the dating show and we reworked it.”

And although they met casually at the time, the singer encouraged Chrishell to do the show anyway.

They admitted, “I didn’t let myself down too hard because I was like, ‘I have to say goodbye to Chrishell and let her go to find her persona on this dating show she’s already signed up for.’ “

For her part, Chrishell felt conflicted because it was “a lot to say” and “a really long, big deal,” especially after growing up with financial insecurity.

She said: “It was really stressing me out because I fell in love with G, but we both played it kind of cool.

“That was the best ‘no’ I’ve ever given. That would have been a great opportunity to find someone. But that’s what I was trying to find.”

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