Milwaukee Brewers prospect 2022 season in review: #16-20

With all the new rankings of the top 100 MLB prospects and Brewers fans who are among the most excited for Jackson Chourio to break the top 10. We take a look at some candidates who may not be in the spotlight through the next five prospects, the second half of the top 20.

Coming out of the international signing class in January 2021, Daniel Guilarte has a chance to make the class even more impressive following the emergence of Chourio. Guilarte has only played in rookie ball with the Brewers Blue team, but that’s where he showed how to get down to base.

In 36 games played, he batted .307/.403/.371. Right there at the age of 19 is exciting as he has plenty of room to grow. According to his MLB.com bio, he put the ball on the floor 60% of the time, which is huge for the Brewers organization as the team generally struggles with it. His contact with the ball isn’t all that stands out as his speed along with his arm is rated at 60 which is above average. He moved a little in the infield but mostly stayed at the shortstop. Posting a .932 field percentage and committing eight errors. I would expect his flaws to either go away or stay as he progresses and becomes more comfortable.

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