Three Palo Duro Dons sign to play football with West Texas A&M

The day before National Signing Day, Kameron Brown tweeted, “Stay tuned tonight at 7…”

It took a little longer, but he ended up announcing where he’ll be playing college football for the next few years. It’s the same place that two of his teammates head for in the fall. It’s the same place that so many local players have been committing to lately.

And it’s pretty much right down the road.

Palo Duro held a National Signing Day ceremony Wednesday morning where Brown, Parrion Ware and Triston Moore all announced they would be playing soccer for West Texas A&M University. Ware and Moore play defensive line while Brown plays linebacker.

“I just want to thank God for putting me in this position and giving me the talent and support that I have,” Brown said. “I want to thank my mum, my dad and all my family and of course the coaching staff.”

Brown had a dozen offers from different universities, and with good reason. He led the panhandle in the regular season with 11 sacks, 55 tackles, 12 for a loss, three special teams touchdowns, two blocked field goals, 737 rushing yards on offense and 12 touchdowns. He was a true all-rounder for the first Palo Duro team to make the playoffs since 2014.


Palo Duro’s Eric Mims talks about National Signing Day

Palo Duro’s Eric Mims talks about National Signing Day

Hart Pisani, Amarillo Globe News

He won’t be the only one to join new head coach Josh Lynn at Canyon. Moore is also a touted defenseman, having 42 tackles and eight sacks and 10 TFL in his senior season.

“I want to thank God, my family, my brothers, mom, dad and all of that,” Moore said. “I want to thank the coaches, my friends and family for always pushing me to keep going and not to stop. I want to thank the teachers and everything. Coach (Joseph) Hawthorne and Coach (Ziggy) Hood, who used to attack me even though I could beat him up.”

Hood was a former star at the University of Missouri and a first-round NFL draft pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers, so Moore was joking about that last part. However, he, Brown and Ware did not jokingly praise his help, as evidenced by the fact that all three play NCAA football.

Ware also thanked Hood after he finished last year with 53 tackles, six sacks and 12 TFL. Normally, if you saw a big hit from a Dons defender during a game last year, you could assume it was Ware who pulled it off. Now he’s getting the opportunity to do them at college level.

“I want to thank God, my family and the coaching staff,” Ware said. “I could never do it without my dad because he’s helped me through a lot. He pushed me through many obstacles and so did Coach Hood. I want to thank my teacher Ms. McGhee for helping me teach throughout the year, and that’s it.”

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