Elvis’ Austin Butler Reveals Immediate ‘Relationship’ With Lisa Marie Presley Before Her Death

Just days after Lisa Marie Presley attended the Golden Globes and saw Austin Butler take the stage to accept a gold trophy for portraying her father Elvis Presley’s daughter dies aged 54. After the death of the singer, the elvis The actor reflected on his experiences with Lisa Marie and the bond they formed before her unexpected death.

Lisa Marie Presley hyped Austin Butler’s performance in elvis long before awards season. Before the film’s release, Lisa Marie called it “just spectacular,” and since then she and her mother have attended numerous events in support of the film. Butler recently recalled:

I first met Lisa when we were showing the film at Graceland. I have never had an experience where I met someone and immediately felt a deep connection with them. She’s also a person who didn’t have to prove anything and didn’t want to open up to everyone, and she just opened up to me. We became so close so quickly, so it’s just devastating.

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