Davies’ captain’s knock keeps Aussie 19s in the hunt

Australia’s Under-19 clash with England enters the final day evenly, with the home side needing 158 to win on day four with six wickets in hand.

Captain Joel Davies (56 out) and Liam Blackford (3n) are on the edge in the pursuit of 301 after a brave bowling performance on day three gave them a chance at the win.

WA paceman Josh Vernon led a strong early comeback from the Aussie 19s, taking four crucial wickets to regain momentum after England’s battered attack late on day two.

Although Vernon and Skipper Davies didn’t always deliver the ball with the intended execution, they managed their brief attack on the England batters, who continued their aggressive approach.

Vernon recognized the visitors’ desire to put racquet on ball, frequently tossing the ball into his half and encouraging powerful shots, with the plan working almost immediately in the morning session.

Anderson buckles one of his four sixes // cricket.com.au
Anderson buckles one of his four sixes // cricket.com.au

He had dominant left-hander Ben McKinney first after Tom Straker intercepted the opener’s well-timed pull-shot mid-wicket.

McKinney (70 of 45) added just five more to his overnight total but showed determination and class in spades during his innings that spanned 12 boundaries.

Vernon then had Daniel Ibrahim and Charlie Tear caught in the deep off pull shots before scoring a decisive shot when another aggressive England slugger, Matthew Hurst, saw Hugh Weibgen short in the middle of the wicket for 32 from 37 balls smashed into his hands.

Yesterday’s hero for England, however, Bertie Foreman showed his skills with the racquet this time, posting an unbeaten 58 in 10th place to reignite his side.

Australia U19s before kick-off on day one // cricket.com.au
Australia U19s before kick-off on day one // cricket.com.au

The stylish left-hander played some bold switch hits in his whirlwind 59-ball knock, finding the limit seven times with a backstroke going as far as the sixth.

He has teamed with Domenic Kelly, 32, to help England reach 254, giving his side an even 300-run buffer going into the fourth innings.

Australia’s chase started badly as Harjas Singh was caught well by Kelly’s bowling on the second slip, and England’s sharp skills on the field didn’t stop there.

Ethan Jamieson fell victim to a one-handed catch and bowled by Ibrahim in an effort as casual as it was brilliant.

Wicketkeeper Lachlan Aitken and Davies then formed a strong partnership for the third wicket before the former was caught low down by his opponent’s number when James Rew dived deep to his left.

Weibgen hit two massive sixes before the players left the field due to poor light, but he was unable to complete his tally when play resumed a short time later, at 17 from 14, with Davies’ wicket a crucial factor in tomorrow’s game The decision should be the day Australia went to the stumps 4-142.

Australia vs England U19 Series

Four Day Games:

Sunday, January 29 – February 1: Allan Border Oval, Brisbane, 10am local time

Monday, February 6 – Thursday, February 9: Alan Pettigrew Oval, Brisbane 10am local time

50 Over Games:

Monday February 13: Allan Border Oval, Brisbane, 10am local time

Wednesday February 15: Allan Border Oval, Brisbane, 10am local time

Friday 02/17: Ian Healy Oval, Brisbane, 9am local time

T20 match:

Friday 02/19: Ian Healy Oval, Brisbane, TBC

Squad for men under 19 in Australia: Harry Dixon (VIC Metro/St Kilda Cricket Club), Liam Blackford (VIC Country/Geelong Cricket Club), Ethan Jamieson (NSW Metro/University of NSW Cricket Club), Harjas Singh (NSW Metro/Blacktown Mounties Cricket Club), Joel Davies (NSW Metro/Manly Warringah Cricket Club), Hugh Weibgen (QLD Metro/Valley District Cricket Club), Lachlan Aitken (QLD Metro/Gold Coast District Cricket Club), William Salzmann (NSW Metro/Campbelltown Camden District Cricket Club), Tom Balkin (QLD Metro/Toombul District Cricket Club), Mahli Beardman (Western Australia/Melville Cricket Club), Josh Vernon (Western Australia/Pegs Creek Cricket Club), Charlie Anderson (NSW Metro/Northern District Cricket Club), Tom Straker (NSW Metro /Sutherland District Cricket Club), Luke Holt (Western Australia/Willetton District Cricket Club), Harkirat Bajwa (VIC Country/Melbourne Cricket Club)

England male U19 team: Tom Aspinwall (Lancashire), Jacob Bethell (Warwickshire), Joseph Eckland (vacant), Bertie Foreman (Sussex), Sheridon Gumbs (Surrey), Jack Harding (vacant), Alex Horton (Glamorgan), Matthew Hurst (Lancashire), Dan Ibrahim (Sussex), Eddie Jack (Hampshire), Dominic Kelly (Hampshire), Mitchell Killeen (Durham), Archie Lenham (Sussex), Stanley McAlindon (Durham), Yousef Majid (Surrey), Ben McKinney (Durham), James Rew (Somerset ), Jamal Richards (Essex), Harry Singh (Unbound), Charlie Tear (Sussex), George Thomas (Somerset), Ross Whitfield (Durham)

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