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Chelsea DeBoer Has a Beautiful House in South Dakota

Cole and Chelsea DeBoer

Source: Instagram/@hgtv

Allison Hunt - Author

Chelsea DeBoer may have started Teenage mother, but that’s definitely not the end of their journey. Fans have seen Chelsea take the cards that were dealt them, both good and bad, and always make the best of their situation.

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And that’s what led Chelsea to her new home renovation show on HGTV, Down home fab, which she hosts with her husband Cole DeBoer. The show follows Chelsea and Cole as they “start and grow a design business and undertake renovations for clients while raising four young children.”

Now you know their house is stunning as they have their own design exhibition. Let’s take a tour shall we!

Chelsea DeBoer's house

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Welcome to Chelsea and Cole Deboer’s home.

Chelsea and Cole live in Soiux Falls, SD and have indeed custom built their dream home. The caption reads, “This is your sign to paint your house black.” We totally agree, it looks fantastic.

Chelsea and Cole actually documented their entire home building and design process on their Instagram account (@downhomedeboers).

Taking to Instagram, the couple said: “We have roofs and WINDOWS! Holy. One of the things we always had in mind when placing this home was the view. We wanted to be able to see down the tree line and also be able to look out over the pond. I don’t know how they did it, but they set this baby up PERFECTLY. I can’t wait to see all the wildlife moving from the trees to the pond.”

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Black seems to be a theme throughout the house. The bison image and the antlers define the space. It’s a modern rustic chic country house for sure. Her living room combines beautifully with a black painted fireplace, wooden features, camel leather and plants to create a very homely atmosphere. We think they are professionals after all.

Let’s have a little excitement for the bathtub. We don’t know about you, but we do like an old-fashioned bathtub. And gold? Are you kidding? And this view? Dreams.

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Lighting fixtures can make or break space and these eye-catching lights definitely make the kitchen. Once again we see black and gold together. The caption reads: “LIGHTING COMING IN. I wanted some big statement lights over the island and these are exactly what I envisioned!!!”

Chelsea and Cole actually took an adorable walk around their stunning home for HGTV’s YouTube. In addition to what we’ve already seen, their home features an eye-catching catwalk, a screened-in porch where they can watch wild animals roam by, and a huge basement with an entire playhouse that Cole built for their kids. We definitely recommend checking it out because her house is literally a destination.

It might be weird to say, but Chelsea, we’re so proud of you! We saw you grow up To see your beautiful family and all your dreams come true warms our hearts. Keep it up woman!

Definitely catch Down home fab on HGTV every Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

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