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Nebraska vs. Boston College Prediction, Odds, Line, Pick, and Preview: November 30

The Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-3) host the Boston College Eagles (5-2) in Wednesday afternoon’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Boston College will play its first real road game of the season after playing at home or a neutral ground earlier in the year. After finishing third in last week’s Paradise Jam tournament, the Eagles triumphed 53-49 over Rhode Island on Sunday. Leading scorer and sixth-grader Makai Aston-Langford, a former top recruit in the class of 2017, filled the stat sheet with the win. He finished the game with nine points, three rebounds, four assists, three steals and three blocks in 35 minutes.

Sophomore Jaedon Zackery had a team-high 16 points and 36 minutes played. Redshirt rookie Devin McGlockton hit the go-ahead layup in the closing minutes of the game to secure the Eagles victory. He added 11 points from the bench.

BC aims to score above .500 for the first time since 2017. They are led by head coach Earl Grant, who previously held the same title at the College of Charleston, where he won 58% of his games.

Betting odds between Nebraska and BC

team Spread over under money line
BC Eagle +5.5 0130.5 +200
Nebraska Cornhuskers -5.5 u130.5 -250

All lines are provided by BetMGM Sportsbook

Nebraska most recently defeated the Florida State Seminoles 75-58 to win Sunday night’s ESPN Events Invitational game for seventh place.

Sixth-year senior Derrick Walker dropped a double-double and finished with a game-high 20 points and 13 rebounds at a paltry 83% of the field. Sam Griesel, transfer from North Dakota State, Redshirt student CJ Wilcher, Juco product Keisei Tominaga, and Juwan Gary, transfer from Alabama, also joined Walker in double digits. They kept the now 1-7 Florida State team to under 40% from the field and a ridiculous 3-of-21 from deep.

Shot Quality Tale of the Tape

Below we highlight key ShotQuality data for this matchup, including Adjusted Offensive and Defensive SQ, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Frequency. SQppp are a player’s average ShotQuality points per possession.

Thus SQppp = total SQpoints/total number of possessions.

Boston College

Offensive Key Stats

AdjOFF SQ = 1.00 (204.)

Free throw rate = 33.9% (134th)

Rim & three SQ PPP = 1.07 (155.)

Open Three Rate = 15.7% (250th)

Rim & Three Rate = 81.1% (324th)

Attack Shot Type: SQ PPP (Strengths & Weaknesses with Top 150 Frequency)

Cut = 1.23 (162nd)

Completion at the edge = 1.11 (181st)

Pick & Roll Ball screen = (245.)

Post Up = 0.83 (249th)

Insulation = 0.85 (261st)

Midrange = 0.74 (261st)

Key defensive stats

AdjDEF SQ = 0.91 (19th)

Shot selection = 10th percentile (37th)

Rim and three SQ PPP = 1.01 (42nd)

Rim & Three Rate = 87.5% (201st)

Distance = 79th percentile (298th)

Defensive Shot Type: SQ PPP (Strengths & Weaknesses with Top 150 Frequency)

Off screen = 0.93 (35th)

Transition = 1.18 (85th)

Insulation = 0.84 (86th)

Pick & Roll Ball Screen = 0.96 (118th)

Midrange = 0.77 (189th)


Offensive Key Stats

AdjOFF SQ = 1.02 (138.)

Rim & Three Rate = 91.8% (56th)

distance = 15th percentile (305th)

Open three rate = 8.7% (336th)

Attack Shot Type: SQ PPP (Strengths & Weaknesses with Top 150 Frequency)

Insulation = 0.92 (128)

Hemifield = 0.97 (226th)

Completion at the edge = 1.08 (242.)

Key defensive stats

adjDEF SQ = 0.90 (15th)

Free Throw Rate = 15.9% (6th)

Shot selection = 2nd percentile (8th)

Rim & Three Rate = 80.0% (9th)

Rim & three SQ PPP = 1.01 (41st)

Open Three Rate = 10.4% (46th)

Defensive Shot Type: SQ PPP (Strengths & Weaknesses with Top 150 Frequency)

Hemifield = 0.90 (5th)

Insulation = 0.79 (17th)

Average = 1.10 (44th)

Midrange = 0.73 (53rd)

Nebraska vs. BC Prediction

The BC Eagles are battle-hardened on the street. They might be on a neutral spot, but in the Virgin Islands they beat Wyoming and George Mason by double digits. Her AdjSQ numbers have been gorgeous this season, which reflects the strength of her schedule.

Defensively, the Eagles should stifle Nebraska Cornhusker’s offense. BC’s defensive shot strengths match Nebraska’s on a high-frequency clip on O. The under is appealing, but 5.5 is a lot to give to an Eagles team that’s been playing well lately.

Prediction: BC +5.5 (-110)

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