Eagles superfan crowdfunding Super Bowl LVII tickets

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Always shoot your shot” is a motto held by a young Eagles superfan heading into Super Bowl LVII. You may remember Giovanni Hamilton, better known as “Gio” from the video from back then Eagles training camp in 2019.

The now 15-year-old lives in Indianapolis but still cheers on his birds from nearly 650 miles across the country.

The podcaster has spoken to Eagles stars including Jalen Hurts.

Gio is now raising crowdfunding to buy tickets to see the Birds play the Kansas City Chiefs in Arizona.

Since starting his fundraiser this morning, the high school student has raised over $14,000.

Fans from all over the world donated and left comments on social media.

“To be at this game would be great because I have a connection with some of these people,” Gio said, “so it’s more than a game. I started a fundraiser to try and get to Arizona just to see my boys. I’ll be in the nosebleed of the nosebleeds if I have to. I’m just trying to get out of there to see my boys win another Super Bowl.

“It would mean that the world you know just grows up with the Eagles and this entire organization of Mr. [Howie] Roseman who was so nice to me, Nick Sirianni was so nice to me, and Jalen Hurts who I had on the podcast, just a guy who really has a connection with the fans,” Gio added, “and, and to ‘ Being at this game would be fantastic because I have a connection with some of these people. So it’s more than a game, you know?

“I’m always the underdog, it seems like I’m always the black sheep wherever I go. So fitting in and fitting into the NFL has been one of the best things in my entire life. Probably the best experience I’ve ever had is being able to relate to all the fanbases in the league, every fanbase has embraced me and just about every team has embraced me and that’s why this game is such a beautiful thing.”

Gio says if his $16,000 goal isn’t met a few days before the Super Bowl, he will return the money to those who donated.

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