Dance: Results from DDCA Category Championships

Competition at Gresham crowned division winners in preparation for entry into the state season

Drilldown winners for 1A-5A Advanced: (from left) Isabella Frias, Anna Johnson and Lily Brown.

Drilldown winners for 1A-5A Advanced: (from left) Isabella Frias, Anna Johnson and Lily Brown.

The Dance and Drill Coaches Association held their annual category championship competition in Gresham on January 21st.

The competition looked a little different than previous years, with teams competing in both open and a pre-qualified championship class. Within dance categories, teams also competed in divisions related to their OSAA school classification.

“I’m so proud of ours wimp Vision Dancer”, Scappoose Trainer Pam Didier said. “You’ve worked hard for your well-deserved championship in 1-5A hip-hop. And congratulations to our novice drill winners, Marie Wooter (first place) and Cierra Brown (second place).”

In addition to the category champions, we also saw winners in categories 1A-5A and 6A in the novice and advanced classes. To compete at the championship drilldown level, a dancer had to be a top contender in a previous competition.

“It’s an incredible feeling to represent park rose at the category championships, but the best feeling was making my teammates and family proud. Their support means the world to me and none of this would have been possible without them,” he said lily brown5A Advanced DD winner.

It also raised $462 in donations for the annual DDCA Scholarship Fund. Funds go to support seniors graduating in membership through academic, dance and diversity excellence scholarship opportunities.

“The championships were such a fun experience,” Southern Albania in the second year Abby fief said. “I really enjoyed seeing my dance team besties from other teams, jamming to music with our ‘hallway neighbors’ and watching our other Oregon dance teams dance to their hearts’ content. I’m so glad we got this opportunity. “

First Place Winner:

  • Clackamas (6A Contemporary)
  • Lake Oswego (6A Jazz)
  • Sprague (6A kick)
  • Sherwood (6A Pom)
  • Lake Oswego (6A Hip Hop)
  • Clackamas (1A-6A Show)
  • Philomath (Open Contemporary)
  • Canby (1A-6A Modern)
  • Gresham (Open Pom)
  • Tigard (Open Hip-Hop)
  • Century (1A-5A Pom)
  • Grant Union (Open Jazz)
  • Sprague (1A-6A novelty)
  • Philomath (Open Novelty)
  • Canby (1A-5A Contemporary)
  • Scappoose (1A-5A Hip Hop)
  • Canby (1A-5A Jazz)

Drilldown Winner



First: Tara Shenoy Kudpi, Sunset

Second: Roanne Monzon, Cleveland

Third: Julia Li, sunset


First: Pannonica Maruna, Cleveland

Second: Layla Cassity, Sprague

Third: Kayla Pobuda, Sprague

1A – 5A


First: Marie Wooters, Scappoose

Second: Cierra Brown, Scappoose

Third: Reese McMahon, South Albany


First: Lily Brow, Parkrose

Second: Isabella Frias, Catholic of Valley

Third: Anna Johnson, Thurston

A big honorable mention to the Cleveland Tenacity dance team that not only had two members who brought home medals from championships, but whose 12 team members qualified to compete in the championship drilldown division.

Cleveland coach Coral Burgess said, “I am so proud of our 12 dancers who qualified to drill at the DDCA Championships this year Roanne (Monzon) win second place in Novice and Pannonica (Maruna) Bringing home first place of the Advanced Drill Champion title was a very special moment for our team.”

Pannonica Maruna, a junior, said: “It was a great feeling to win this award for my family, my coaches and my team.”

“I had to show my tenacity,” said Roanne Monzon, a sophomore.

Dance has officially entered the state season and will now begin qualifying for the OSAA Championships on March 17th and 18th.

*Full results are available on the DDCA website www.ddcaoregon.org

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