Which Arrow episodes you can choose to skip?

Arrow has been one of the most popular shows since its inception. At its core, it has a very solid premise and a strong mix of guts and frenetic energy. Season 1 is the closest thing to Arrow’s full potential. Brutal flashbacks, a focused narrative and brilliant character work made this season an impressive achievement.

Season 2 lived up to expectations and maintained the level of quality right up to the very last episode. The season 2 finale was the first episode of the series to have some disappointing elements, such as the rushed pacing and predictable plot points.

The quality of the show became incredibly uneven from season 3 onwards. For every captivating moment, a slacker was waiting around the corner. The tone was tamer, the cast bloated, and the character arcs were derivative and muddled.

Let’s move on to some of Arrow’s most unnecessary or disappointing episodes.

The 10 Arrow Episodes You Can Skip.

10. Season 7 Episode 14: “Brothers and Sisters”

Despite the exciting ideas Season 7 had, the season faltered in its portrayal of Ricardo Diaz, Season 6’s main villain. In Season 6, Ricardo was a dangerous and clever man whose plan was very unique to the show.

Refreshingly, he had no vengeance on Oliver, just wanting to get him out of the way so he could take over Star City with ease. Unfortunately, Season 7 dumbs his character down for the worst.

His motivation has been reduced to killing Oliver and thus everyone he loves, and the character’s uniqueness is thrown out the window. It immediately makes his character incredibly generic. The icing on the cake is his final appearance on the show Brothers and Sisters.

His important storyline feels devalued due to his final conflict of the show with Felicity. His eventual death is fitting but hasty and feels like a complete afterthought after a few more episodes.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

Rick Gonzalez, Stephen Amell and Sea Shimooka in Arrow | Source: IMDb

9. Season 1: Episode 18, “Salvation”

Of all of Arrow’s first season’s episodic criminal gambits, the one involving an abandoned subway car cruising through the underground Starling City is the worst. It’s Law & Order style, headline-ripped socio-political zeitgeist injected with comical ridicule, and it doesn’t mix well.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

arrow | Source: IMDb

8th. Season 3, Episode 5, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”

What makes Felicity Smoak great is that she brings a lot to the Arrow team without projecting her mysterious backstory. Because of this, an episode dedicated to creating a more origin story for her falls flat.

There’s little reason for her mother to show up and complicate things other than an obsession with the character’s origins. Not even John Diggle’s rekindling romance with his ex-wife as a recurring storyline is as distressing as that one hour. Felicity is awesome and has a much needed comedic presence on the show.

Giving her a troubled and hasty backstory isn’t.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

Nolan Gerard Funk and Emily Bett Richards in Arrow | Source: IMDb

7. Season 4 Episode 8: “Legends of Yesterday”

Season 3 of Arrow saw the show see its first-ever crossover special. The 2 episode event sees Arrow and Flash teaming up for the first time in live action TV. The episodes were fun and creative and made great use of the coming together of the two characters.

When the next crossover was announced a year later, featuring two new DC superheroes and a much bigger threat, fans got very excited.

Unfortunately, the fourth season’s crossover turned out to be the worst in the series’ history. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were as boring as dry bread, the villain was a cheesy joke, and Oliver’s personal history with his son was hopelessly mistreated.

The lack of direction for Felicity’s character on the part of the writers was evident in her transformation into a melodramatic villain. She breaks up with Oliver because he didn’t tell her about his son when he only found out about him the same day.

The episode proved to be a huge step down from what came before.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

arrow | Source: IMDb

6. Season 5, Episode 20: “Underneath”

It was only a matter of time before season five delivered a big episode starring Oliver and Felicity. That’s exactly what happens in the twentieth episode, where thanks to Adrian, the two get locked in the bunker. The plot itself wasn’t the big issue, it was more a matter of where Below was placed in the season.

As you get to your final three episodes of the season, it’s important to focus on the central storyline itself, rather than addressing something that could have been covered many episodes ago.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Richards in Arrow | Source: IMDb

5. Season 3 Episode 14: “The Return”

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) was one of the best aspects of the first two seasons. Manu Bennet plays this lost and helpful man with visceral charisma. When news broke that he would be returning for a stunning third season, fans were hopeful.

The showrunners must have something against the fans of this show This episode is incredibly disappointing. Slade has about 5 minutes of screen time repeating the same threats as last season. Then he gets beat up by Thea in a 20 second fight scene.

Manu hardly gets anything to chew on here, it’s down to earth service at its worst. This episode could have been so much more. It appeals to its superfluous nature when you could remove it from the show entirely and absolutely nothing would change.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

Manu Bennett and Willa Holland in Arrow | Source: IMDb

4. Season 3 Episode 23: “My Name Is Oliver Queen”

Season 3 was the true beginning of Arrow’s downfall. It was slow, suffered from a boring villain, and featured some terrible character arcs. Oliver’s story is miserable and drawn out, ending ridiculously in this disappointing finale.

Most of Season 3 focused on building a second battle between Oliver and the big bad: Ras Al Ghul. When it finally happened, it was awful. Oliver and Ras wore the same outfit, making it almost impossible to tell them apart during the action.

The lack of clarity, coupled with poor choreography and short length, resulted in a confrontation that was ridiculous compared to its predecessor.

The rest of the episode felt too low for a finale; The conflict was over as soon as it started. This episode showcases the series’ weakest writing traits and bodes ill for the future. Skipping certainly won’t do you any harm.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

arrow | Source: IMDb

3. Season 4, Episode 23: “Schism”

You thought I didn’t list this episode as one of the worst Arrow episodes of all time? No chance. Neal McDonough managed to do a good job despite the crappy dialogue he had. But the boring action and zero character development make this one of those episodes you can skip.

We tryI often see a lot of fake punches throughout the episode and potentially a lot of visible crew gear and cast members that shouldn’t be there. Oliver’s fight with Damien boils down to a slugfest that feels worse than a kickboxing match.

In the end, John leaves the team because of his brother and the recent events that happened, and Thea leaves the team for threatening a little girl earlier in the episode. The episode was certainly a disappointing ride for fans.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

Stephen Amell in The Schism | Source: IMDb

2. Season 4 Episode 16: “Broken Hearts”

oh look It’s another entry from the fourth season. This was the 16th episode, meaning fans got this and “Beacon of Hope” back-to-back weeks.

Broken Hearts marked the return of a villain almost nobody liked to see, Cupid. Her affection for Oliver led the team to stage a sham marriage between Oliver and Felicity to lure her out.

The problem was that this happened right after Ollicity split. Talk about clumsiness. Oliver confessed his love for Felicity during the scene, but it felt a bit manipulative and he never really addressed her concerns. With a lame villain and a love story that didn’t work out, this episode never clicked.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

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1. Season 6 Episode 1: “Fallout”

In the Season 5 finale, Oliver was safely on a boat while everyone else was stuck on the exploding island, leaving all the answers open as to who survived. The possibility of a positive change for the show began to appear.

Unfortunately, the next installment makes only a minimal amount of use of this golden opportunity. Every single character is alive except for Oliver’s baby mama. This cowardly decision left the show in its bloated, overwritten state and completely debased season five’s brilliant ending.

Fallout is easily the show’s most disappointing episode because its biggest moment to impress slipped through its fingers. It embodies why his writing is so frustrating: one step forward often means two steps back.

It was an annoying disappointment and easily takes that top spot.

What are the top 10 Arrow episodes to skip?

arrow | Source: IMDb

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