[Updated] latest leaks for Kingdom Chapter 747 Raw Scans, Plotline, Synopsis & What to Expect

This section contains highly anticipated chapter spoilers. An all-out battle has broken out between Kanki and Riboku, and Kanki has made it his mission to talk to his opponent. He claims his larger army and superior plan make Riboku look like a joke. But Riboku is undeterred by Kanki’s criticism and continues his fierce attack on his opponent. When Shin arrived he brought his army with him and things started to look good for Riboku. They face off against Kanki’s troops when the tide of battle turns in Riboku’s favor. Kanki doesn’t know what to do, so he gives the order to kill Shin, hoping the rest of his army would surrender.

Summary of “Kingdom” chapter 746
It’s unclear if Ringyoku should join the fight alongside Riboku or Kanki when their armies clash. A memory of Kanki’s youth played a role in his eventual decision to remain in her company. He yelled at his comrades, telling them to take care of Riboku.
Kokou aimed at Futei as he made his way to Kanki and fired. However, Futei avoided being hit by the arrow. But Kokuou didn’t want to give up and fought fiercely to defeat Futei. While Zenou and Bafuuji were at odds, Bafuuji did everything in his power to protect Riboku.

Kanki giggles as she watches the carnage unfold, wondering if the value of a single life justifies so much damage and loss of property. Riboku said, “War is about fighting for the common good,” adding that death and casualties are inevitable in such a conflict. However, losing the leader means certain doom for the rest of the troops. Kanki gathered his troops and launched an attack on Riboku. Nothing would prevent him from killing him. The conflict didn’t seem to go in Kanki’s favor, despite Riboku’s prediction that he would be the one to die that day.

About kingdom chapter 747
Fierce fighting ensues between the two armies as the conflict rages on. Countless lives are lost and one can wonder if the common good is more important than a single life. Kanki takes on Riboku and quickly gains the upper hand. As two camps clash over competing worldviews, morality and ethics come under fire. Which side is right and which will triumph in the end? Manga artist Yasuhisa Hara drew the Kingdom series. This manga, set in China during the Warring States Era, is published in Weekly Young Jump magazine. Before we dive into the synopsis and release date, here’s a quick synopsis of Kingdom’s storyline. Both Xin’s and Piao’s families were killed when they were young in the ongoing conflict in China, and this has brought them closer together.

However, the conflict has not deterred them from their goal of becoming legendary commanders. But disaster strikes when Piao is taken to the royal court for unknown reasons and doesn’t return until she’s dead a few months later. His last words to Xin are a request that he visit a town called Qin. To Xin’s surprise, the young king of the neighboring village, Ying Zheng, looks a lot like Piao. Through his research, he learns that Piao was a sacrifice made to spare the young king’s head. Initially angry with the king, Xin eventually befriends him and assists the monarch in his quest to reclaim the throne from his challenger. Afterwards, Xin enlists and eventually becomes Ying Zheng’s trusted lieutenant in the Chinese military. Xin continues to work towards his goal of becoming a formidable general throughout the story.

Where can I find Chapter 747 of the Kingdom?
There are websites where you can download or read Kingdom online, but they are all illegal. Despite this, it is published in Weekly Young Jump magazine. The electronic edition can be purchased and read on Kindle and Amazon.

Release date for Kingdom Chapter 747
We have reached the end of the current chapter and the next one can finally begin. Kingdom 747 will be available on February 1st, 2023.

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