This Oklahoma Eatery Has Been Serving Burgers Since 1938

Oklahoma, which gained statehood in 1907, isn’t really known for having really old restaurants or buildings. We’re just too young a state… At least in the grand scheme of American history.

Example: There is a restaurant in Rhode Island called the White Horse Tavern that has been serving food since 1673. That’s a full sixty years before America’s first president was even born, and it’s still in operation today.

Across Oklahoma, even the earliest modern settlements don’t date until the mid-19th century. Our oldest restaurant is only 125 years old. A respectable time if that’s true, but it’s pretty hard fought…

Today’s Oklahoma food theme is a small joint that’s been serving the same burger since 1938. How amazing is that?

The Hamburger Inn in Ardmore has been in the same location since the mid 1950’s, and that’s only because they built a new building and moved across the street from the OG 1938 Hamburger Inn.

If history has taught me anything, chances are a restaurant this old has one of two things that speaks for it… Atmosphere and/or great food. While it’s hard to find a place that offers both, people swear the grilled burgers are excellent.

When you’re done with that, stop by and try a historic Oklahoma burger. Let the rest of us know how it is.

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