Semi-truck skidded out of control on icy Oklahoma highway, crashes into cable barrier

Watch: Semi truck spins out of control on icy Oklahoma freeway and crashes into cable barrier

Screenshot from a viral video

Amid the second round of winter weather in Oklahoma Tuesday morning, a tractor-trailer truck lost control on an icy freeway. Although no injuries were reported after the accident, the driver of the tractor trailer was fined for driving at a speed that was unreasonable and unreasonable for the named road conditions, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP).

When the collision occurred, a soldier was stationed on I-40, a mile east of Vian in Sequoyah County. He filmed the incident with the dashcam. NowThis News shared the clip on their official Twitter.

The video shows how the trailer truck comes from the opposite direction and suddenly gets out of control. It turned left and collided directly with the cable barrier. At the time, the highway was busy with multiple vehicles seen in both lanes. However, the cable lock did not allow the truck to continue, thus preventing a life-threatening accident.

The police officer who recorded the accident immediately rushed to the scene. According to the OHP, the unfortunate incident did not result in any injuries thanks to the cable barrier. The driver was not injured in the accident, they confirmed.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Department of Public Safety released the video on their official Twitter, writing, “This could have been so much worse! Trooper Adam Wood #959 captured this video with his dashcam at approximately 9:45 a.m. this morning off I-40, one mile east of Vian in Sequoyah County. The driver of the articulated lorry was issued a speeding ticket for driving at an inappropriate and reasonable speed for the road conditions.”

Sleet and freezing rain from a second round of winter weather have begun moving through Oklahoma, with the worst effects appearing in the south first before spreading east. Beet juice is used by city workers in OKC to de-ice roads to keep them from slipping. Flights to and from Oklahoma City have been impacted by the winter conditions that hit Oklahoma this week. Some schools there have said they will be closed or that students will be taking classes online.

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