Boy Shows Exceptional Archery And Gymnastic Skills, Fires Arrow With His Legs

Last updated: January 31, 2023 10:59 am IST

    The boy bends his body to shoot the arrow with his legs.  (Image source: Twitter)

The boy bends his body to shoot the arrow with his legs. (Image source: Twitter)

The caption of the video compared the young archer to Arjuna from Mahabharata.

Gymnasts and contortionists are known for their remarkable flexibility, among many other traits. It’s always a pleasure to see them pull off amazing athletic feats. Her athleticism and agility are further indications of her dedication to her craft. When it comes to such physical art forms, India has several hidden gems that go unnoticed unless they make it onto social media. One of these undiscovered extraordinary talents found fame on Twitter by combining gymnastics and archery.

A recent viral video shows the boy showing off his extraordinary skills not only as a contortionist but also as an archer. The video begins with the boy standing on a yoga mat with a bow and arrows, which he then places on the toe of his right leg. He then performs a handstand and brings his legs forward to use the toes of his left leg to shoot the arrow off the bow and pop the balloon held in front of him on a tripod a few feet away. The video perfectly shows the dedication, precision and focus that the boy put into successfully shooting the arrow from such a complex position. The boy slowly rises from the handstand and picks up the bow before waving at the camera, which zooms in on him. The boy’s identity and the location of the video are unknown.

The video, originally posted on Twitter, is slowly gaining popularity on other social media platforms as well. “Arjun is still around,” read the caption, which compared the boy to Arjuna of Mahabharata, who is said to be the best known archer.

The video has garnered around 12,400 views and some users have taken to the tweet’s comments section to appreciate the boy and his abilities. One user commented, “Need to do backbends everyday…Nice.”

A video of the gymnast and well-known social media influencer Orissa Kelly had previously caused astonishment on the Internet.

The video showed her performing a handstand in the snow and using her feet to shoot a flaming arrow from a bow.

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