Possible attempted robbery fails at bank ATM: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Attempted robbery: SOM Center Road

A woman reported around 12:30 am on January 21 that while she was being stopped at a Key Bank ATM to make a deposit, someone came to her passenger window and pointed at her something wrapped in a plastic bag.

Suspecting the man had a gun, she immediately left the area and drove to the police station.

Officers checked the area but found no suspects and it was not known if the suspect had a vehicle or had walked.

The incident is being investigated.

Fraud: Washington Blvd

A woman reported on Jan. 25 that someone fraudulently opened a second bank account in her name at her bank and transferred $9,400 from her account to the new one.

She found out about this when the bank called her, but when she answered the local branch she was told that no one from the bank had contacted her and that it was a scam.

The woman was believed to have unknowingly provided access to her banking details after clicking a link on her phone.

At the time of the report, the $9,400 balance in the fraudulent account had been moved or used by the scammers.

Suspect: Woodhurst Avenue

A man said Jan. 20 that his stolen car was towed to Ganley Nissan after it was recovered in Cleveland, but employees couldn’t locate the car.

It was later revealed that the insurance company had the vehicle picked up by a towing company, who communicated with them.

Theft: Golden Gate Plaza

A man was entered by Bath & Body Works on January 24 after he was seen stuffing a backpack with goods.

It appeared he had emptied it when he saw staff watching him.

Suspect: Marsol Road

One man said on January 18 that maintenance workers at the Drake apartments put a tracking device on his car and used their key to enter his apartment and eat his grapes and other food.

Officials confirmed there was no tracking device in the vehicle and suggested getting a surveillance camera for his home. They determined he was probably in the early stages of memory loss.

Disturbance: SOM Center Road

A Micro Center employee said Jan. 19 that a customer damaged property and harassed another customer after being denied a return.

Officers located the boy in the area and issued a trespassing warning. The crowded customer did not want to pursue the matter.

Suspect: Marsol Road

A woman said on January 24 that a disheveled man had followed her to the Drake apartments the previous day and made a sexual gesture to her but never said anything.

Officials advised her to report such activities to the police immediately, rather than to home security as before.

Traffic Delay: Interstate-271

A gun was found in a purse in a vehicle during a traffic stop on January 24, but the driver said it belonged to a friend. In a later review of the dashcam video, the woman, who had been waiting alone in a squad car while Warrensville Heights police responded to pick her up with a warrant, was heard talking on the phone about going to jail over her gun being found would .

The 27-year-old Cleveland woman was subsequently subpoenaed for driving under suspension and turned over to Warrensville Heights Police Department.

A 34-year-old passenger was arrested on a traffic warrant he held with the city.

Neighborhood issues West Miner Road

A man said on January 25 he was having an argument with a neighbor over a parking problem.

He said the neighbor felt he had parked too close to the apron and was causing a hazard.

Officers concluded that his vehicle was illegally parked.

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