A&M Falls to No. 18 Stanford in ITA Kickoff Weekend Final

PALO ALTO, California – The Texas A&M men’s tennis team lost a hard-fought fight to No. 18 Stanford (4-1) Monday at the Taube Family Tennis Center.

As A&M looked to defeat another ranked opponent, the Noah Schachter/Trey Hilderbrand pairing quickly put the Aggies on point, defeating Stanford’s Arthur Fery/Filip Kolasinski in No. 1 (6-1). The Cardinal hit back and won in 3rd place, but A&M’s JC Roddick/Giulio Perego responded by closing out 2nd place, defeating Samir Banerjee/Max Basing (6-2) and earning the double for Maroon & White.

A&M tried to extend their lead into singles, but Stanford pressed and was able to end things quickly. Schachter and Guido Marson won their first set to keep the Aggies in the game. Schachter was engaged in a bitter battle with Arthur Fery at number 1. The pair traded sets early and Schachter led 3-1 in the third set when the match was abandoned. Guido Marson had gained an advantage over Neel Rajesh in the third set after a back and forth in the first two sets. Marson also led 3-0 as the third set remained unfinished.


Head coach Steve Denton on the journey and tonight’s doubles game…

“Today was a good game against a really good team. I felt like we had a lot of momentum early on to win the colon and then started well in a lot of individual games. Not finishing those early sets put them back in the game and they were such a talented team that they took advantage of that and shut us out even though we had a couple of games on the court where we were in a good position.


The Aggies are getting back on the road, this time heading to Columbus, Ohio, where they will face No. 2 Ohio State at 5 p.m. on Feb. 3 at the Ty Tucker Tennis Center.


individual results

Schachter (2-0) – Fery (6-3, 4-6, 3-1) unfinished

#43 Hilderbrand (1-2) – #7 Base (5-7, 3-6)

Perego (0-2) – Banerjee (4-6, 5-7)

No.44 Rollins (1-2) – Chaudhary (6-7(2), 2-6)

Marson (1-0) – Rajesh (6-1, 3-6, 3-0) unfinished

Casper (0-2) – Kolasinski (3-6, 1-6)

Duplicate results

No. 33 Schachter/Hilderbrand (2:1) def. Fery/Kolasinski (6-1)

Roddick/Perego (2:1) defined. Banerjee/Bases (6-2)

Taylor/Perot (1-2) – Basavareddy/Rajesh (3-6)


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