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Hatch Brokered by Real & Giving Hearts Day 2023!

Wanting to do local real estate differently, Erik Hatch opened Hatch in 2014. Now he has a team that “loves to serve, to lead and to give back”. Through the numerous markets it works with, the company hosts many free community events, partnering with various charities, creating broad awareness and impact for the community.

Jasmine Hawley, Marketing Manager (left), Erik Hatch, Owner/CEO (right). Photo by Geneva Northland

Since 2015, Hatch has hosted a Date Night event on Giving Hearts Day. When attendees register for the event, they will receive:

  • A free take and bake pizza from their partners at Papa Murphy’s
  • Choice of complimentary beer, wine or soda as a drink

Beforehand, the Hatch team will vote internally on a charity to host the date night at their company, so attendees can visit their representatives and have the opportunity to donate locally when they pick up their date night essentials. They also set up drop-off stations in the lobby.

“While a donation is certainly not required to attend Date Night, it’s always amazing to see the generous hearts of those who pull through. We also always offer an activity for the little ones so they can be part of the fun! Our team can see past clients, make new connections, and feel like we’re doing something special for the community we’re so proud to be a part of. It’s really nothing but generosity and joy all day long,” Jasmine said.

With many community connections and resources (or talent and treasure), Hatch hopes to fulfill its mission to connect with the community (internal and external) and continue to raise awareness of giving while creating a space for it.

Why do you think it is important that everyone thinks about the best route and why is it important for your business?

Giving is not something one does; it is something you are. Adopting a culture of generosity – where people play for the person next to them – creates a true win-win environment. If we want our company to support both our team members and the community, our DNA must exude selflessness and service to others. And as we build this ecosystem, we see an energy shift in our team’s daily habits. If the environment can give each other love and support, then we have created a very special place to work.

Eric Luke

Date Night 2023 will be held by all teams in Fargo, Bismarck and Detroit Lakes. Sign up for your free date night at!

4215 31st Avenue S, Fargo, ND
(701) 212-1572
FB & IG | @HatchBrokeredbyReal & @HatchbrokeredbyReal

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