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High school girls wrestling: Ross Brunson All-Star Dual

The top wrestling talent showed up at Tuesday night’s Ross Brunson All-Star Dual.

Westlake’s Lizzie Raleigh is still without a goal this season after beating defending 3A State champion Hailey Boderick of Grantsville. Ranked third nationally in her weight class, Raleigh showed off her wrestling skills in today’s match.

“I haven’t been hit all season, so I definitely tried to keep that up throughout the game, but I also wanted to get a good mat time,” Raleigh said.

“I think most of my matches ended in the first round and I want to get my cardio back up for offseason freestyle, so I was like, ‘Let’s play all three rounds, see what I can do ‘and work on new stuff’, and that’s what I did. I tried to get a tech pin, but I couldn’t get the pin at the last second.

“But to finish my fourth All-Stars match was pretty surreal and to win in such a dominant way that I haven’t been able to do in the past few years is just very exciting.”

In the 190-pound weight class, we also saw two-time 6A state champion Cheyenne Ruiz of Taylorsville defeat Canyon View’s Tilisa Matakaiongo.

“I feel like my game was a lot better standing and I was able to get wrist control. Went for a headlock and have definitely been working on it and getting a lot better. I really wanted to nail her, so I’m glad it worked out,” Ruiz said.

Two powerhouses went head-to-head in the 135-pound weight class. Two-time state champion Celeste DeToles faced defending 1A-3A state champion Nya Jolley.

DeToles took an early 3-0 lead, but Rich’s Jolley kept his cool and clinched the win.

“Right away I was like, ‘You need to lay on your stomach, she’s got double,’ and I couldn’t breathe for a second, but I was like, ‘I need to move.’ It was nice to reset and then I worked on moving really fast on the bottom, so I liked my performance there,” said Jolley.

“Last Saturday I ran into a girl who was hitting (Celeste DeToles) and I went all six rounds with that girl and lost 3-1 and she was pinned in the second period so I was like, ‘I could hit her ‘, I was totally chilled and knew this was just for fun.

“The whole thing is for the experience, it’s meant to recognize the hard work, so I just wanted to enjoy it and do my best.”

Finally, Maple Mountain’s Aurelia Ramos overcame a 20-pound weight disadvantage to beat Bear River’s Sydnee Nielson 9-4.

“First of all, it’s an honor, it’s really great to be here. I know a lot of the boy and girl wrestlers so it’s really fun to see them compete, especially boys and girls who haven’t seen each other much this season. Really cool environment and I love what they’ve done,” said Ramos.

“My match was a good match specifically, but I could have done a little bit better. I fought, I’m 170 and she was 190, so there were a few things that didn’t work out the way I planned, but she was a tough fight and it was really fun.”

100 pounds

Payton Gines, Syracuse defeated. Elizabeth Cox, Company, 7-1

Kristina Kent, Davis defeated. Sadie Hardy, Bear River, Fall 3:04

105 pounds

Julia Kay, Canyon View def. Emeri Mortimer, Springville, Fall 2:54

Keagan Grange, Ridgeline defeated. Breann Ivie, Duchesne, Fall 3:48

110 pounds

Defeated Mattie Turnbow, Mountain Crest. Shaynna Fillmore, South Sevier, Fall 1:14

Chanley Green, defeated Uintah. Marlie Rigby, Layton, Fall 0:55

115 pounds

Aleena Navarrete, Weaver defeated. Yvette Vargas, Juan Diego, 11-3

Rachel Camacho, American Leadership Academy def. Alexandra Ramirez, Enterprise, fall 0:55

Aleena Navarrette, defeated Weaver. Ashley Cannon, Westlake, Fall 3:30

120 pounds

Jacie Shock, defeated Mountain Crest. Grace Holman, Juab, Fall 3:32

Brooklyn Pace, Copper Hills defeated. Kinsee Saling, North Sevier fall 1:13

125 pounds

Emi Stahl, Ridgeline defeated. Kathryn DeGroot, Woods Cross, 8-5

Evie Davidson, Union defeated. Alexia Woods, Cedar Valley, Fall 4:00

130 pounds

Eastyn Nyman, defeated Mountain Crest. Kieran Mooney, Panguitch, Fall 1:05

Defeated Bella Hernandez, Copper Hills. Daeja Sundquist, Syracuse, 11-4

Eastyn Nyman, defeated Mountain Crest. Ava Krebs, Pleasant Grove, Fall 5:59

135 pounds

Isla Baeza, mountain view def. Ayelen Alissa, Cedar, Autumn 4:29

Nya Jolley, Rich def. Celeste DeToles, Westlake, Fall 3:33

140 pounds

Hadlei Weaver, Juab defeated. Mika Anderson, Rich, Fall 3:02

Abbie Trayhorn defeated Bear River. Hailey Pigg, Westlake, Fall 2:30

145 pounds

Kimberlyn Fowers, defeated Copper Hills. Jazlyn Chandler, Rich, Fall 1:07

Emma Carri, Uintah defeated. Rhees Hatch, Bear River, Fall 0:54

155 pounds

Defeated Hotaia Valeti, Springville. Charlise Matsuda, Summit Academy, Fall 2:32

Lizzie Raleigh defeated Westlake. Hailey Broderick, Grantsville, Fall 5:05

170 pounds

Addison Kriegh, defeated Tintic. Gracie Howard, Ridge, 2-0

170/190 pounds

Aurellia Ramos, Maple Mountain def. Sydnee Nielson, Bear River, 9-4

190 pounds

Cheyenne Ruiz, defeated Taylorsville. Tilisa Matakaiongo, Canyon View, Fall 3:50

235 pounds

Bretlee Potter defeated Bear River. Maitae Cardenas, Canyon View, Fall 3:52

Defeated Kelikki Nau Rarick, Westlake. Arianah Cowgur, Jordan, Fall 5:43

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