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Talkiatry Named to the New York Digital Health 100

The exclusive list recognizes the most exciting and innovative healthcare startups in the world new York region

NEW YORK, February 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — talkiatrya leading provider of high-quality psychiatric care in the network and one of the largest employers for psychiatrists in Germany The United Statesannounced today that it has been included in the New York Digital Health 100 (DH100), a recognition that highlights the world’s most exciting and innovative startups new York Region. Digital Health New York (DHNY) publishes the annual list as part of the New York Healthcare Innovation Report, a comprehensive analysis that takes an in-depth look at the data, trends and people who drove the company forward new York to become the capital of health innovation.

“We founded Talkiatry in NYC with a mission to bring quality mental health care to as many people as possible nationwide,” said Robert Krain, co-founder and CEO of Talkiatry. “It is a great privilege to be honored as one of the leading innovators in digital healthcare and to be recognized for the impact our practice has had on the lives of patients and psychiatrists alike across the country.”

“In 2023, the New York Digital Health 100 includes an incredibly diverse, innovative and forward-thinking group of companies and leaders making an impact on the future of healthcare,” he said Bunny Ellerin, Co-Founder and CEO, DHNY. “On behalf of the whole new York healthcare ecosystem, we’re excited to spotlight these organizations, support their growth, and applaud them for their significant contributions to improving healthcare.”

Now in the 4thth Year the DH100 had twice as many applicants compared to 2022. With this explosive growth, the scope of the list has expanded significantly and now includes 35 new companies; counts 12 unicorns among his ranks; has 23 organizations led by female CEOs; and 37 of the companies on the surveyed list $1.6 billion in 2022.

Founded in 2019, Talkiatry is a national mental health practice offering virtual psychiatry and covered therapies. Its team of more than 400 psychiatrists is responsible for providing quality care and specializes in conditions ranging from anxiety to PTSD. Talkiatry implements a patient-centric model of care where new patients can be seen within days of making an appointment, have 60-minute initial visits and 30-minute follow-up visits, and see the same psychiatrist every time. The team is passionate about making patients better, not increasing prescriptions.

Talkiatry experienced significant growth in 2022 highlighted by its expansion as a national practice, licensed and accepting in 39 states. Talkiatry reinforced its diverse team of board-certified psychiatrists to meet growing patient demand. Since June 2022Talkiatry doctors have an average NPS of 80, well above the healthcare industry average of 58.

To download a copy of the New York Healthcare Innovation Report, please click here.

About talkiatry

Talkiatry is a national mental health practice offering network psychiatry and therapy. They were co-founded by a patient and a triple-board certified psychiatrist to address the issues both groups face in accessing and delivering the highest quality mental health care. 60% of US adults with a diagnosable mental illness go untreated each year because care is inaccessible, while 45% of clinicians do not have a network with insurers because of low reimbursement rates and excessive paperwork. With innovative technology and a people-centric philosophy, Talkiatry provides patients with the care they need – and allows psychiatrists to focus on why they came to medicine. Learn more at and keep following us Instagram, Facebookand LinkedIn.

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