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Cruiser Crushed By Truck; Trooper, Woman Trapped After Hooksett Crash

HOOKSETT, NH — A New Hampshire State Police soldier and a woman were injured when a pickup truck collided with a cruiser in a high-speed collision on Hooksett Road on Wednesday.

A woman driving a silver vehicle got stuck in a snowdrift and a police officer blocked Hooksett Road near the on and off ramps of Interstate 93 in the south lane. The police officer was in his squad car, with the driver of the vehicle sitting in the back seat so the woman could keep warm.

A tow truck driver stood in front of the Trooper’s squad car, and the driver got out of his truck and attached a tow strap to the rear of the car. A man operating a pick-up truck then rammed the cruiser’s stern, pushing it far away and crushing the cruiser’s back. The patrol car was pushed forward, narrowly missing the tow truck driver who saw the accident.

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Hooksett police, fire and ambulance responded, and as they drove, they were told that a person was trapped in the back of the cruiser and the soldier in the front seat. The Precision Towing tow truck driver assisted the police officer and the woman.

Firefighters used tools to pry open the doors and free the two occupants of the cruiser. Both the police officer and the woman were taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

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The pickup driver appeared unharmed and did not accept medical treatment. Shortly after the man was taken into custody, police conducted a standard roadside sobriety test. The man was taken from the scene in a state police cruiser, and it’s not known if charges will be filed at this time.

Hooksett Road was closed for several hours, as were some of the on- and off-ramps.

The accident is being investigated and further information is awaited.

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