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Concord High School Varsity Wrestlers Fall To Bedford, 40-36

CONCORD, NH — The Bedford Bulldogs college wrestling team came undefeated to Concord on Wednesday, with 12 wins under their belt, including defeating Timberlane, historically one of New Hampshire’s best wrestlers, and then came away with another win from that.

The Bulldogs are beating the Crimson Tide 40-36.

Concord led most of the night and at one point had a 24 to 6 lead. But Bedford fought back, winning the next three games and then four of the next six games.

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With junior varsity wrestlers, it was a different story. The Crimson Tide dominated the Bulldogs 15 to 4.

It was Wednesday’s Senior Night and the last home game of the Tide. So they celebrated with cheerleaders and presented flowers to the mothers of seven senior wrestlers and assistants, celebrating them for their support of the players and helpers.

Find out what’s happening in Concordwith free real-time patch updates.

Ham Munnell, who has coached the team for more than a quarter of a century, said it was normal for the 2022-2023 season to lose so many players.

“I would say we’re losing less this year,” he said. “Usually there are seven or eight children. But we still have a lot in the pipeline.”

At the same time, new wrestlers are constantly coming into the program from Rundlett Middle School. There are also four-year students to round out the list.

“That depends on what happens in the off-season,” he said. “What we do this off-season will say it all… just get our engine running again… we can’t finish the season and come in the same way. We need to come in differently…much better.”

There were 20 wrestlers in the first year this year, which he said was a lot. Some will continue with the team while others choose not to.

“It really depends on what they’re doing…the whole team (actually),” he said. “You must fetch it; They have to somehow figure out how to train again, and not just what we’re offering. You must look for it.”


Weight 106: Isaiah Brien of Concord, forfeited.

113: Bedford’s Peter Rincan loses.

120: Bedford’s Mykhaylo Samaruck via Concord’s Dominic Schinella, Fall 5:05.

126: Nathan Pass of Bedford via Hunter Richard of Concord, decision 6-1.

132: Levi Madison of Concord via Ahmet Saribas of Bedford, Fall 5:56.

138: Bedford’s Seth Hastey over Concord’s Sawyer McCready, decision 7-3.

145: Concord’s Wesley Thompson via Bedford’s Sam Cowette, Fall 0:58.

152: Teghan McConnell of Bedford via Jeydon Wilson of Concord, MD 18-8.

160: Connor Carrier of Bedford via Anthony Gualtieri of Concord, Case 5:31.

170: Zachary Jones of Bedford on Austin Freire of Concord, Fall 1:48.

182: Rumi Mistry of Concord on Brennen Krause von Bedford, Fall 0:54.

195: Noah Blake of Concord via Tucker Watson of Bedford, Case 3:59.

220: Austin Wells of Concord on Drake Sutton of Bedford, Fall 1:13.

285: Jacob Benn of Bedford via Nathan Feudner of Concord, Case 0:15.

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