Mystery Ford Or Lincoln Sporty Model Spotted At Dearborn Premises

The aerodynamic shape and sporty details fuel our curiosity about what’s hidden under the skin

from Thanos Pappas

1 hour ago

    Mystery Ford or Lincoln Sporty Model spotted in Dearborn

from Thanos Pappas

Design centers harbor some of the automotive industry’s best kept secrets, but sometimes we catch a glimpse of something that shouldn’t be. Such is the case with this mysterious vehicle caught by our spy photographers while being transported from Ford’s premises in Dearborn, Michigan.

The fully hidden model lies beneath a custom car cover that’s been held in place with a healthy amount of black tape. Still, we can see its aerodynamic silhouette with a comparatively short hood, large-diameter wheels, a sleek roofline, and a kam-tail design at the back. The lower portion is uncovered, showing some of its bumper fascias and side skirts, which are finished in black to contrast with the white-painted body.

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    Mystery Ford or Lincoln Sporty Model spotted in Dearborn

Based on the concept’s exterior shape and proportions, we could speculate that it’s designed for an all-electric powertrain. However, it’s not clear if the model will sport Ford or Lincoln badging, and we don’t know if this is just a design study or part of the development for a future production vehicle. We have to admit, although it’s a lot closer to production status than Lincoln’s latest concept cars.

The fact that the concept was placed on a motorized pallet truck probably means it is a clay model. This is also indicated by the lack of mechanical components behind the futuristic alloy wheels. Judging by the people photographed and the size of the truck bed it was loaded onto, this is a 1:1 scale model.

    Mystery Ford or Lincoln Sporty Model spotted in Dearborn

The vehicle was photographed outside of Ford’s Dearborn Conference and Events Center. According to our sources, the truck drove to Ford’s product development center, where it reversed into one of the special loading bays. At the same time, the spy photographer noticed how large partitions were being loaded onto another truck. This setup leads us to believe that the concept took part in some sort of presentation, possibly to evaluate its design.

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Unfortunately, finding more information about the concept has been really difficult, and its nature will remain a mystery, at least until our next sighting. Hopefully it will evolve into a concept car or even a production vehicle in the future, which will help satisfy our curiosity.

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