Diners at Chef Kwame Onwuachi’s Tatiana in Lincoln Center

Photo: DeSean McClinton-Holland

Torah Holmes (picture above)
Koch, Cliffwood, New Jersey

How did you come up with the outfit?
Usually my partner and I pick a topic. I’ve been dabbling in hats lately, so I told her, “I’ll start with a melon – then we’ll move on.” It worked.

And you are also a chef?
Yes. Over the summer, I fed the Seattle Mariners their entire baseball season. And last year they made the playoffs for the first time in 21 years. Coincidence? I do not know.

David Wright

Senior Financial Analyst, Harlem

Jeremie Dominique

Professional football player, Harlem

who brought you here

my publicist He took me and another of his athletic clients, Serge Ibaka, with him. We legitimately ordered the entire menu. Like six of the chopped cheese with the truffle. Now we’re headed to that private party that Drake is throwing.

Lisa Menda

Statistician, Upper East Side

Olivia Cherry

Commercial Real Estate Agents, Williamsburg

Who is with you?

My friend who told me the wrong time for the reservation by 30 minutes because I’m always late. People always do that to me.

Kendra Clarke

Communications Coordinator, Harlem

Frances Pierre

HR Specialist, Hell’s Kitchen

Jamall Oluokun

Product Manager, Bushwick

Nick Sadio

Barber shop owner, Georgetown

Dayna Puryear

Management Consultant, East Orange, New Jersey

Amy Racine

Beverage Director, Midtown

Carolyn Blair

Social Worker, Canarsie

How is the atmosphere here?

i feel so at home It’s been a rough day, but I’ve got my strawberry margarita, Rick Ross is pumping at just the right level, and the woman at the bar next to me has a mini afro and African jacket, so let’s swing to natural hair. I wasn’t expecting that for Lincoln Center.

Stephanie Tan

Fashion Buyers, Williamsburg

Stephanie Umeh

Nurse, Upper East Side

Kourtney Chandler

HR Partners, Edgewater, New Jersey

Hans Austin

Engineer and Songwriter, West Harlem

Tracey Ford

Editorial Vice President, Bedford-Stuyvesant

what are your first thoughts

This Lincoln Center is a very stylish area and I think if you knocked down the walls of this restaurant some people would get their pearls here.

Genevieve Jean Baptiste

Barber shop owner, Brighton Beach

Rehea Rivers

Middle school teacher, Crown Heights

photographs of DeSean McClinton-Holland

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