This Republic Day, Delve Into the Rich Indian Heritage and Pre-Independence Era Experiences at Noormahal Palace

The palace hotel offers special Republic Day offers to welcome its guests Delhi/NCR and other drive-away locations during the Republic Day long weekend

NEW DELHI, January 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — India’s iconic legacy of hospitality, the Noormahal Palace in Karnal is ready to welcome guests with special offers and authentic experiences during the Republic Day long weekend. Restoring the splendor of royal heritage and recreating the majestic past of the legendary Maharaja, this jewel is just a two-hour drive from Delhi NCR and offers 125 breathtakingly luxurious rooms and regal suites. The palace retains its ornate splendour, extravagantly decorated with hand-carved marble ‘Jalis’ or latticework, sandstone balustrades, domes and ‘Chattris’ or cenotaphs and ornate Rani-ka Baghin one of the most magnificent palaces showing the best of Punjab’s royal heritage.

Noormahal Palace have introduced amazing Republic Day stay packages for the 26th and 27th January 2023 which will be an amalgamation of of India rich culinary delights, campfire, heritage tour, DJ, indoor and outdoor games for children and more. Travel back in time with Frontier Mail, Noormahal Palace Hotel’s award-winning themed restaurant. The Palace Hotel offers its guests a unique opportunity to discover the secret recipes of the pre-independence era immerse the stories and curiosities of Indian heritage at The Frontier Mail. Designed by The Train, the restaurant is modeled after the legendary Frontier Mail that ran in between Bombay and Peshawar with elements from the actual train during the pre-independence days, has quickly become the country’s favorite restaurant for millennials.

group Partap ChoudharyManaging Director, Noormahal Palace Hotel and Founder Colonel Saab, London (UNITED KINGDOM) said: “Over the years numerous styles in art, architecture, painting, music, dance, festivals and customs have developed India and this great diversity has made Indian culture unique in the world. The myriad shades of traditions and rituals have contributed to Indian culture. In our quest to make this Republic Day memorable and to promote the spirit of patriotism and domestic tourism, we have specially created our Republic Day Staycation Packages. We intend to allow our guests to experience the stunning architecture, iconic location, diverse art forms, antiques and authentic dining at this historic property.”

The majestic palace offers a wide range of 1N/2D packages from INR 13,000/- to INR 55,000/. Designed to immerse guests in the splendor of Indian royalty, these special Republic Day packages offer the option to choose from the elegant Club Room to the supremely luxurious Presidential Suite.

From grandeur to opulence, history, art, architecture and memorabilia, every corner of Noormahal Palace embodies royal charm, giving the most beloved and centuries-old palace hotels the stiffest competition. Furnished with state-of-the-art amenities in a traditional historical setting, Noormahal Palace is also the most popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists visiting Karnal – the land of Rajakarna and Kurukshetra – a site of great historical and religious importance, revered throughout the country for its sacred association with the Vedas and Vedic culture.

About Noormahal Palace Hotel

In the mystical land of Mahabharata, the impressive Noormahal Palace, the Incredible Indian Palace Hotel, was built on a monumental scale. It is a five star luxury palace hotel inspired by of India rich heritage and captures royal experiences enjoyed by Indian Maharajas throughout the ages. This regal abode of modern day kings and queens has become a highly preferred leisure, MICE and wedding destination. Noormahal Palace is more than just one of the country’s most majestic luxury palace hotels. It is an architectural landmark that embodies the grandiosity, elegance and spirit of of India rich royal heritage. A reflection of Rajputana and Mughal architecture, it features a real blend of history, culture and aesthetics.

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