Yankees legend Reggie Jackson needs pinstripes revoked after latest Astros tweets

The 1970’s New York Yankees – George Steinbrenner’s Yankees when the owners were OWNERS – made Reggie Jackson the free agent face of the organization… and THIS is how he repays them?!

To be fair to Reggie, being the face of the 1970s Yankees came at a price. He was often despised. His propensity for strikes earned him Richter-im-Oktober-esque boos during troubled times… until he became Mr. October in 1977 and 1978.

He attempted to wrest the captaincy from Thurman Munson, calling himself “the straw that stirs the drink” while claiming the Yankees catcher “was bad at stirring it” (something Reggie now denies). That wasn’t a good thing when Jackson had intentions of being popular. He also often clashed with manager Billy Martin, a deeply ill man who was likely the catalyst for most of these clashes.

Jackson’s Yankees deserve a fresh-eyed reappraisal, though the Munson power struggle is still pretty much unforgivable. That means he probably won’t get one — or at least the eyes won’t be as fresh.

In recent seasons, Jackson has fully embraced his role in the Houston Astros’ front office and resigned from the Yankees’ organization at exactly the wrong time. Who knows when the rift started, or if Jackson just wanted to go his own way, but he’s now a Jose Altuve-Jersey-rocking drummer (or is that a rubber trash can?) for the Yankees’ main rival.

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