Viro Launches Smart Lighting Collection

Viro, an innovative lighting brand that combines handcrafted design with intelligent technology, has announced that it has officially launched its lighting collection on virolighting.com. The launch follows receiving the LAMP 2022 Manufactured Pendant Award for its Fresnel Smart Pendant.

Featuring intelligent, hand-blown, lead-free crystal pendants that redefine the role of light in a contemporary living space, the Viro lighting collection was created by glass artist Emma Walters and award-winning industrial designer Robert John Morrison.

“Viro sets a new standard in lighting design by combining our beautiful hand-blown crystal glass with innovative smart lighting technology that is easy to assemble, install and reuse,” said Morrison.

Viro lights feature modular designs and a patented coil system with an adjustable, cut-free cable. Users can easily move their light from room to room or house to house, making it a sustainable lighting option for renters.

A patent-pending tunable white LED bulb is concealed within the die-cast cap and flattened in a unique form factor, allowing the artisan glass to show off without the distraction of a traditional bulb. By integrating smart LED technology, the Viro app allows users complete control over color temperature, brightness and automated circadian lighting right from their smartphone. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

The smart Flare pendant light by Viro is a statement of modern organic style and Scandinavian sensibility. Flare combines clean geometry with sweeping curves of lead-free crystal in a 13.5-inch diameter design. The timeless look popularized by mid-century architecture and industrial design remains relevant to today’s interior design. Flare is available in Crystal and Smoke lens colors and Carbon Black, Flint Silver, and Mica Gold metal finishes.

Inspired by “the invention that saved a thousand ships”, the intelligent Viro Fresnel pendant elevates the optical beacon lens to a homage to urban industrial style. Tiered concentric rings of crystal glass – weighing nearly 8 pounds – create a prismatic display of contoured light that brings a fresh look to modern interiors. The crystal glass sphere is 12 inches in diameter and is available in Carbon Black or Flint Silver metal finishes.

The smart pendant light Lune by Viro captures the no-frills restraint of modern design and emphasizes the simplicity and elegance of a minimalist aesthetic. Derived from the Latin “luna” – meaning “moon” – the Lune design features over five pounds thick crystal glass that evokes the beauty of a moon reflecting in a pool of water. It is available in Crystal or Smoke colors and in Carbon Black or Flint Silver metal finishes.

Measuring over 20cm in diameter, Viro’s smart Pearl pendant light is a fusion of minimalist and nature-inspired design that evokes classic principles of mid-century modern style. Since ancient times, pearls have been treasured jewels gifted from the sea, and they can now adorn one’s living space with lustrous charm and utilitarian function. The Pearl is available in Opal and Crystal glass colors and in Carbon Black, Flint Silver and Mica Gold metal finishes.

The Tetra Smart pendant is a homage to geometric and modern design, capturing the visual allure of two intersecting cuboid shapes in beautiful, handcraft-blown crystal. Inspired by the work of Dutch graphic artist MC Escher, Tetra elevates the exploration of mathematical patterns to an art form. It is available in Crystal or Smoke colors and in Carbon Black or Flint Silver metal finishes.

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