Kamala Harris can’t do her job, and Elizabeth Warren knows it

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wants President Joe Biden to seek re-election. However, Warren was noncommittal when asked whether Biden should stick with Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate in his re-election bid.

“I really want to cite what Biden is comfortable with on his team,” Warren recently told GBH News. “I have known Kamala for a long time. i like kamala I knew her back when she was attorney general and I was still teaching and we worked together on the housing crisis so we go way back. But they have to – they have to be a team and I feel like they are – I don’t mean that I think there are any problems. I think they are.”


The reluctance to get Biden and Harris back together on a presidential ticket is understandable. Given the poor state of the Biden presidency and Harris’ performance in it, he should consider other vice presidential options in his re-election bid.

During Harris’ reign as border czar, the country is experiencing its worst-ever border crisis, with 250,000 encounters with migrants at the US-Mexico border each month. That makes sense because Harris’ messages on immigration were terrible. She supported decriminalizing illegal border crossings and providing free health care to illegal immigrants while running for president in the 2020 Democratic primary. Like Biden, she opposes necessary measures to deter illegal immigration, such as more physical barriers along the US-Mexico border.

Harris is also a disaster economically. She’s another economically illiterate Democrat who believes the government should spend virtually unlimited money. For example, it has backed the ridiculously expensive Medicare for All and Green New Deal proposals, the latter of which is a socialist Trojan horse disguised as an environmental law. This big government mentality of liberal politicians has caused inflation to skyrocket in recent years.

Harris’ bad news has also caused some awkward moments for the Biden administration. In addition to her recent omission of the right to “life” from the Declaration of Independence at an event in Michigan last month that focused on climate change, Harris bizarrely expressed her admiration for Venn diagrams.

“I love Venn diagrams. I do. I love Venn diagrams. So, the three circles – and you can do more! Nobody says a Venn diagram has to be just three circles, right?” Harris said at the event.

Harris also railed against the “passing of time” when she was asked to promote broadband in Louisiana last March.

“We all got a tour of the library here and talked about the importance of the passage of time,” she told the crowd. “Right? The importance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, the passage of time has a lot of importance in terms of what we have to do to run these wires, what we have to do to create these jobs,” Harris continued continued, “And it’s so important that time flies when we think about a day in the lives of our children and what that means for the future of our nation as they have the resources they need to live their God.” to achieve – given talent.”

Harris also laughs at serious questions from reporters, which comes across as callous when asked questions about serious issues facing the public.

Biden should consider choosing a more centrist and rhetorically effective politician as his running mate for re-election. If he wins again we should hope he has a better cabinet than he has now and ousting Harris would be one of the easiest ways to achieve that.


Tom Joyce (
) is a political reporter for the
New Boston Post in Massachusetts.

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