Experts warn of TikTok car hacks that could cost you thousands

Experts have warned UK drivers of a series of viral TikTok car hacks that could damage your vehicle and cost you thousands to reverse.

With billions of views for auto life hacks on the popular short-form video app, many are at risk of taking bad advice.

That’s why Motorfinity’s experts have highlighted some of the TikTok trends that are worth pursuing and those that should be avoided.

After all that, here are the TikTok car hacks you should stay away from.

Worcester News: Canva - TikTok has good and bad car advice Canva – TikTok has good and bad car tips (Image: Canva)

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Experts Warn Viral TikTok Car Hacks Could Cost You Thousands

The experts warned of three TikTok car hacks:

1. DIY dent removal

There are hundreds of TikTok videos on how to remove car dents, some of which opt to use glue sticks and hot water to remove the damage.

A video shows the user trying to fix their dented car with a plunger, with some reporting it fixed the problem.

However, the experts warn that for those who aren’t so lucky, the dent could be pulled out too far, which could cause more damage to the car.

They added that paying a professional could cost anywhere from £60 to £810 depending on the severity.

2. Jet wash with viral foam

Many people wash their cars with dish soap, although experts say this could erode the wax on the engine, making it more susceptible to dirt and damage, which can lead to rust.

3. Use magic erasers to eliminate car body scratches

Magic erasers have taken TikTok by storm as many have recommended them for removing scuffs and scratches on cars.

However, these are made of melamine foam and are as abrasive as 3,000 to 5,000 grit sandpaper. So if you scrub hard enough, you can make any abrasion worse.

Daniel Briggs, CEO of Motorfinity, said of these hacks: “Some of the car hacks out there can look very simple and harmless – you see someone performing the simple task in a one minute video and it can be easy to believe that you can achieve the same results while saving costs at the same time.

“With fuel costs remaining high, it can be tempting to opt for what appears to be a quick win, but I urge all drivers to think twice, especially when it comes to putting new materials or chemicals on or in the car bring manufactured for this purpose. It could mean a trip to the shop and a higher bill in the long run.”

Worcester News: PA - There are some TikTok car hacks that are usefulPA – There are some TikTok car hacks that are useful (Image: PA)

The TikTok car trends that could actually save you time and money

Here are some of the expert-recommended hacks:

1. Use a towel to prevent the windshield from icing

Using a large towel and draping it over the windshield (secure with the wipers) is a great way to keep it from freezing over and could get you an extra 15 minutes in bed.

2. Put socks on your windshield wipers

This is a similar technique that can ensure your wipers don’t freeze over, preventing damage over time.

3. Clean the inside of your car with carpet stain remover

To use carpet stain remover on your car seat or interior stains, gently scrub with a brush before allowing to dry.

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