Viamedia Adtech Enjoys Record Growth for Managed Services Offering

Viamedia, the leading fully integrated, independent, cross-media, local advertising company, today announced that it has experienced significant momentum in its managed services offering to clients – fueled in part by Viamedia’s robust, full-stack advertising platform, which its full-service ad tech representation includes inventory, operational execution, and advanced advertising capabilities.

Viamedia offers MVPDs a variety of options for their internal sales efforts that help manage backend operations, including technical integration, ad insertion device management, video encoding, sales force automation systems, order management, scheduling, billing services, and sales and financial services reporting. In addition, Viamedia can increase service provider local sales by providing value through direct response, national and political sales services.

“Our ‘turnkey’ solutions offer complete network design and implementation for efficient purchasing, robust analytics and deliver better results from day one. The launch of our suite of AdTech tools is excellent recognition of our advertising expertise,” said Solomon. “The growth of Viamedia’s managed services will not only generate new revenue, but also enable our cable television partners to offer the latest technologies, tools and strategies that can maximize business for their customers and advertisers.”

With a suite of advertising monetization solutions for cable, telecom and OTT/premium video providers, Viamedia’s industry-leading technology delivers cost savings while freeing resources to maximize inventory monetization with little to no investment. By minimizing labor-related costs and the complications of ad sales and cross-channel marketing, Viamedia’s managed service partners can instead focus on driving revenue for their core business while gaining scalable operational support for future growth and expansion.

During 2022, Viamedia expanded its managed services with a total of seven service providers offering AdTech solutions in nationwide markets including Minneapolis, MN; Lexington, Kentucky; Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Fayetteville, AR; Little Rock, AR and Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“Viamedia always delivers innovative and advanced solutions that take full care of our backend operations, reducing risk and increasing our efficiencies,” said Brian Bissonette, Marketing Supervisor for Paul Bunyan Communications, which serves 6,000 square miles of north-central Minnesota. “This has allowed us to reduce opportunity costs and improve our overall sales metrics.”

“Partnering with Viamedia has allowed us to maximize the efficiency of all operations so we can focus on providing the best service and customer support to our community,” said Harvey Couch, telecom product manager at Frankfort Plant Board in Frankfort, KY . “Viamedia’s advertising technology allows us to maximize all revenue streams and easily scale our business without worrying about additional manpower. It’s really a win-win situation.”

“The past year has been a remarkable time for strengthening Viamedia’s existing partnerships and forging new ones, which truly demonstrates how our technical and operational capabilities integrate with the existing infrastructure of any provider,” said Dave Solomon, President and CEO by Viamedia. “Managed Services fill the gaps for our clients who do not have the people or expertise needed to take ownership and fully implement their regional or local media strategy.”

Viamedia offers fully featured managed services software to implement and execute all advertising technology needs. Included is a state-of-the-art, highly scalable Network Operations Center (NOC) serving all markets.

Service providers utilizing Viamedia’s managed services experience increased revenue and margins, reduced capital costs, superior internal and external reporting, and a fair share of national purchases. By offering end-to-end technical and operational solutions – such as sales automation and scheduling, cross-channel marketing, cross-platform insertion capabilities, video encoding and transcoding, systems integration and monitoring, and business intelligence solutions – Viamedia Managed Services enables partners to grow and to concentrate fully on increasing sales.

Viamedia also has a highly experienced supporting ad sales team selling for 70 MVPDs in 28 states covering over 60 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) across the United States, enabling more targeted audience targeting and a more engaging, impactful advertising experience with greater transparency and reporting, and Insights than previously offered on the local marketplace.

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