Healthy Blue donates to Crossroads Mission Avenue’s Lexington shelter

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LEXINGTON — Crossroads Mission Avenue is pleased to receive an $80,000 donation from Healthy Blue for their Lexington Capital Campaign to bring homeless services to Dawson County.

The recently acquired building at 907 W 8th Street in Lexington currently houses the Mission Avenue thrift store, which is an integral part of Crossroads’ sustainability. Once the fundraising for the capital campaign is complete, renovation of the building will begin to meet current needs in Central Nebraska. Crossroads is expected to begin construction in early 2024 and will provide emergency and transitional housing to residents of Dawson County.

Healthy Blue has a long history of impacting Nebraska families with their commitment to improving lives and fostering healthier communities. In recognition of Crossroads’ expansion into Lexington, Healthy Blue offered the Mission a generous grant in 2022 to help individuals and families in the Lexington and Kearney areas affected by food insecurity.

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Healthy Blue’s initial investment enabled Crossroads to purchase a commercial refrigeration unit for the Kearney Shelter, help purchase a pickup truck, and provide additional advertising for Crossroads’ services in the Central Nebraska region to let those in need of help know about the Crossroads -Services aware.

With a genuine concern for the health of Nebraska residents, Healthy Blue seeks to make a targeted impact with its donation. A core value of Crossroads Mission Avenue is serving those in need in Central Nebraska. With the increasing demand for food services, this partnership will bring relief to many families affected by food insecurity.

Last year, Crossroads saw a 60 percent increase in meals served at their Central Nebraska locations and a 52 percent increase in meals served at their accommodations. This partnership helps meet the needs of Nebraska families as economic demands continue to increase. The addition of an emergency shelter on Crossroads Mission Avenue in Lexington will bring emergency relief to the Mid-Nebraska region as emergency shelters are scarce from Kearney West.

Daniel Buller, Executive Director of Crossroads Mission Avenue, said of the partnership with Healthy Blue, “Crossroads Mission Avenue and Healthy Blue Nebraska share similar values ​​and work to provide services that improve people’s lives and foster healthier communities. As we continue to work toward the goal of providing homeless and transitional shelters to Lexington and the surrounding region, we are thrilled to accept this generous $80,000 Lead Gift and appreciate our partnership with Healthy Blue Nebraska on this project . On behalf of Crossroads, our Board of Directors and those we serve, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Healthy Blue Nebraska and their team. To those affected by homelessness and in need of help, we say: help is on the way!”

Crossroads Mission Avenue has been serving the homeless of Central Nebraska for 40 years, with locations in Kearney, Grand Island, Hastings and with accommodation expected soon in Lexington. They provide comprehensive care in a caring environment, including services such as secure accommodation, hot meals, life skills courses and personalized case management to help their guests find employment, financial independence and stable housing. The Transitional Housing component allows guests to take the next step in their recovery with supportive services nearby before transitioning to full independence and self-sufficiency. These steps equip Crossroads guests for a successful life after their time at the shelter and lead to homelessness prevention.

In 2022, Crossroads Mission Avenue served 1,103 men, women, and children in Central Nebraska by providing nearly 65,000 room nights for those in need. Completion of the nearly $1.5 million project will provide assistive services to homeless and needy Lexington residents, as well as affordable housing opportunities for Dawson County. The renovated building will include shelters for the homeless with emergency shelter beds, as well as transitional housing for those coming out of the 4-phase recovery program or who have been referred from another agency. The Crossroads Mission Avenue housing model offers a safe, sober and clean living scenario that restores dignity to each individual.

In January, the Mission Avenue Thrift Store opened at the 907 W 8th St location and will operate there pending renovations. Each Crossroads Mission Avenue location includes a Mission Avenue Thrift Store that offers local employment and volunteer opportunities while providing a local option for inexpensive clothing and home goods. Sales from the thrift stores directly support the Ministry of Homelessness in each location and are an integral part of Crossroads’ sustainability model. Once the fundraising is complete and construction begins, Crossroads will move the Lexington Mission Avenue Thrift Store to a permanent location.

The mission of Crossroads Mission Avenue is to bring glory to God through the help of people. Homelessness recovery is a long, complicated process for many of their guests, and Crossroads helps them through the process step-by-step.

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Crossroads has been serving the homeless of Central Nebraska for 40 years. They have grown to include locations in Hastings, Grand Island and Kearney that served 1,103 people last year! Each location offers services that include emergency housing, a 4-phase recovery program, and personalized case management to help guests find employment, financial independence, and stable housing. The mission of Crossroads Mission Avenue is to bring glory to God through the help of people.

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