Hate Dating, Berkshire County? What If You Got PAID For It?

Boy, talk about bad memories. I remember (and not in a good way) before I was lucky enough to meet my soulmate Tonya who was trying to tackle the dating scene. Uh… TERRIBLE. Is there anyone who likes the dating scene? The single bars? The first dates?

But just wait a second folks. How works This Sound? what if you could GET PAID for going out on first dates? That’s correct. You read that sentence correctly. It was Not a misprint.

Many of us know full well that dating is not easy. Devil, just finding the desire and motivation to go out on a first date, is something a lot of people just can’t do. But seriously, if there was a way to go out on a first date and get paid for it, would you be more tempted to do it?

Now, thanks to the great folks at Shane Co, the country’s largest private jeweler, it could be you Paid $1500 to go out on 15 first dates! Sounds like BS? It’s true!

Of course it’s not automatic. You must meet certain qualifications, which I’ll go through in a moment. But if you meet these qualifications, then you have a chance to win some hard cash by taking on the singles scene.

So if you’re single (that’s right, no scammers) and ready to mingle, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Applicant again must be single.
  2. Successful applicant must be willing and able (over the course of 5 months) to secure 15 dates at 15 different People.
  3. Your dates don’t have to be strangers, but they do have to be 15 different people.
  4. You must take a photo to document each of the 15 appointments and fill out a short worksheet listing each appointment.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old and a US citizen or permanent resident to apply.

How does that sound? Do you think you’re up to the task? If yes, then you are ready to apply. Just visit Shane Co’s website here and fill out a short and sweet questionnaire. This questionnaire is your application.

Oh, if you’re interested don’t drag your feet. The closing date is imminent. Next Friday February 10th 23:59 The lucky winner will be announced just a few weeks later on February 27th.

Visit the Shane Co website here for more information and to view the official competition rules and regulations. Good luck and happy dating!

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