Feel Like A Plane Star In Houston, TX With This February Dinner

Air travel is just so nice to think about, isn’t it? I mean, fly somewhere else in three hours instead of driving for seven hours? Sounds nice doesn’t it?

As the son of a pilot, flying on a plane to see family in another state was a normal part of growing up in the summer. To say I love air travel would be an understatement as it was part of my childhood.

But for some, the cost of air travel is sometimes a difficult obstacle to overcome. But sometimes there are other ways to experience first class seating on a flight. In Houston, that experience will come very soon.

Dine like in first class at the Lone Star Flight Museum

On February 24, 2023, the Houston Museum will host an event with a three-course meal. Bought together spot by spot, all information about the event itself can be found here. Now you’re thinking that having dinner in an airplane hangar sounds pretty interesting, but just thinking about going out to eat while looking at some historic planes?

I mean you can just check out some of the planes they will have in the museum on the official Instagram. And who doesn’t want to live the premium life? There’s even an open bar included with the ticket!

Well the real question that remains, could it include an actual plane ticket to anywhere?

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