A top 10 list of the greatest skateboard movies ever made

Skateboarding is a popular sport that involves performing tricks and riding a skateboard. It’s an adventurous activity where riders try to keep their balance while performing mesmerizing tricks. Many films and documentaries have been made about the sport over the years. Some of the biggest skateboarding movies have generated huge revenues at the film industry box office.

Skateboard Movies of the 80s
Actor/skateboarder Emmanuel Howell attends ‘Skate For Kids’ at Garage Board Shop on August 9, 2014 in East Los Angeles, California., Photo: Keipher McKennie
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Skateboards and cinema have been connected for more than 50 years. Classic skateboard films often depict the life experiences of professional skaters. In addition to the entertaining aspect, the films also help us to better understand the game and its top athletes.

The best skateboard movies

Popular skate movies like mid 90s, Lords of Dogtownand Watch out for the gap have made big numbers in the theater. Watching athletes perform tricks on screen may seem simple, but it is an art that requires dedicated practice to perform.

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Now everyone can access the best skateboarding movies on Netflix, Hulu, Showmax, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms. Perhaps our list of skateboarding movies below will help you decide which movie to watch.

Top 10 Skateboarding Movies of All Time

10 Loops (2003)

The best skateboard movies
Casey LaScala (r), Chad Fernandez (l) and Ehren McGhehey (2nd r) at the Skatefest performance for Warner Bros.’ “GRIND” on board in New York, USA. Photo: Sylvain Gaboury
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The film follows four aspiring athletes trying to catch the attention of their skateboarding hero, Jimmy Wilson (Jason London). Grind delivers spectacular comedy scenes in which the four friends overcome several obstacles in their search for their idol.

9. Street Dreams (2009)

street dreams follows the life of amateur athlete Derrick Cabrera. The drama film follows Derrick’s journey and challenges in the sport. He teams up with Ryan Dunn and pro skater Rob Dyrdek. Interestingly, the role of Derrick is played by professional skater Paul Rodriguez.

8th. Thrashin’ (1986)

It’s considered one of the best skateboard movies of the 80’s. Thrashin offers the audience the best entertainment. The film follows the life of Corey Webster (Josh Brolin), a teenage skater determined to win a competition by beating his rivals. However, he falls in love with the sister of one of the rival gang leaders. What follows are twists and turns that make the story exciting.

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7. Skate Kitchen (2018)

New Skateboard Movies
Ajani Russell (r) and members of Skate Kitchen attend the premiere of ‘The Everything’, a film directed by Humberto Leon for KENZO, on September 7, 2018 in New York City. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok
Source: Getty Images

Written and directed by Crystal Moselle, the film follows a group of female skateboarders hoping to break the gender barrier in the sport. Camille (Rachelle Vinberg) is one of the main characters whose life changes after she takes bold steps by joining a group of talented skaters.

6. Mind the Gap (2019)

Hulu Watch out for the gap examines various topics including friendship, abuse and racism. It’s an amazing documentary about three friends who grow up together in Rockford, Illinois because of their love of skateboarding. The film was nominated for a 2019 Academy Award for Best Documentary and a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Documentary.

5. Paranoid Park (2007)

Gus Van Sant’s masterpiece is among the best skateboard movies of the 2000s. The film, which is high-intensity, revolves around a young Portland athlete named Alex (Gabe Nevins). Alex finds himself in a difficult situation after hitting a stranger with his skateboard on a train. The man falls and dies, leading to a police investigation.

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4. Dogtown and Z Boys (2001)

New Skateboard Movies
Jay Adams falls off a skateboard in a scene from the 2001 film Dogtown And Z-Boys. Photo: Columbia Pictures
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Documenting the history of the sport in America, the film focuses on the Zephyr skateboarding team. Directed by Stacie Peralta, one of the original members of the Zephyr team. The documentary also features stunning archive footage of the influential ’70s skate team.

3. mid 90s (1990)

mid 90s is one of the oldest skateboard movies on our list. The film follows a young teenager, Stevie, growing up in Los Angeles in the 1990s. The enthusiastic teenager tries to balance time at home with his skater friends. Directed by Jonah Hill, the film has well shot scenes and memorable performances with an intriguing plot.

2. Wassup Rockers (2005)

Wassup Rocker follows a group of young Latino skaters in Los Angeles. They are keen to have fun without knowing what might happen next. The group is obsessed with the Ramones music group and tries to incorporate that lifestyle into their skating life. The film was written and directed by Larry Clark.

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What is the best skate video of all time?

Lords of Dogtown is at the top of our list thanks to its originality and storyline. It was written by former pro skater and documentarian Stacy Peralta. The film chronicles the rise of the sport in Venice and Santa Monica, California in the 1970s.

1. Lords of Dogtown (2005)

The best skateboarding movies on Netflix
Tony Alva (3rd from right) and guests during the ‘Lords Of Dogtown Los Angeles’ Premiere held at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, USA. Photo: Jeff Kravitz
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The 2005 film tells the story of the popular Zephyr team and how they perfected the craft of the sport to defeat their rivals. It shows the team’s transformation from surf to skate culture, including unforgettable performances. Emile Hirsch plays the leader of the team in a scene-stealing performance.

Skateboard Movies of the 70’s

One of the most popular movies of the 70’s is the Skateboarding 1978 Masterpiece. The film is about a Hollywood agent who owes money to a powerful bookmaker. The agent assembles a team of talented skaters and enters them in a race to win the prize money and pay off his debt.

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D. Wolf and George Gage wrote the film. It stars Allen Garfield, Kathleen Lloyd and Leif Garrett. the Unholy Rolls (1978) is another popular movie in the 70’s.

Disney Skateboard Movies

Disney Skateboard Movies
Brandon Baker, star of ‘Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board’ attends the 2007 Disney Channel Games All-Star Party at the Epcot Center April 26, 2007 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Photo: Gerardo Mora
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Edge! (1998) and Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board (2007) are popular Disney Channel movies about skating. Edge! was one of the channel’s first original films, starring Erik von Detten, Sam Horrigan and Katie Volding. Johnny Kapahala: Back on board feature Johnny Kapahala, a teenage snowboarding champion from Vermont. The film stars Brandon Baker, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Jake T. Austin.

New skateboard movies were also released in 2022 by different producers. The films capture many aspects of the sport and are safe to watch with the family. Some people have also developed an interest in the sport by watching movies about it.

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