Biz Buzz: New drink shop serves popular Mexican beverage

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Try a “refreshing” Mexican drink at Aguas Maria in Idaho Falls

aguas maria interior image
Customers celebrate the grand opening of Aguas Maria in Idaho Falls. | Rett Nelson,

IDAHO FALLS — For the past six months, Maria Sanchez has been serving her Mexican fruit and dairy-based beverages to customers throughout eastern Idaho from a food truck. The company now has a permanent location in Idaho Falls.

Aguas Maria celebrated its grand opening at 3192 South 25th East in the old Cuban Table restaurant. spoke to Sanchez at her restaurant Wednesday morning, and there was quite a crowd. Sanchez is delighted with the response to the first day of business and hopes the trend will continue.

Of the 30 different drink flavors on her menu, Sanchez tells, the strawberry horchata is the most popular. She has also added desserts at the new location.

Sanchez began making horchata for herself in the summer of 2015 while pregnant with her son.

“I’ve always wanted something refreshing. I don’t like hard liquor and it’s hard to drink water because it has no sugar, so I’d make fruit drinks,” says Sanchez.

Her craving slowly turned into a hobby when she started serving her homemade drinks at parties. Over time, people suggested that she sell them. This led to the creation of a catering business and eventually a food truck.

“It’s grown into something bigger, and I’m so excited that it’s gotten to where it is now,” says Sanchez. “I will continue to catering on the weekends for weddings, quinceañeras, christenings, graduations, or any type of business event.”

Strawberry Horchata
Aguas Maria staff serve strawberry horchata, the restaurant’s most popular drink. | Rett Nelson,

Though she says it’s a delicious drink year-round, it’s especially refreshing on hot summer days.

Idaho Falls is where she grew up and was her busiest place when she had her food truck, which is why she decided to open there. She felt that the building’s proximity to the “center of everything” made it an ideal location for clients.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be perfect for summer,” she says.

She is grateful for the support she has received, which allows her to “continue raising her little family.”

Ultimately, she wants her business to continue to grow, and she hopes to one day franchise it and have multiple locations.

Aguas Maria is open Monday to Thursday from 11am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday at 6.30pm.


Opening of a new hair salon in Chubbuck

CHUBBUCK – Inside every business owner is an artist waiting to emerge.

At least that’s the case with Josh Argueta.

The 2016 Brigham Young University Idaho graduate is the owner of Fadeaway J, a new hair salon opening March 6 adjacent to Aquatic Oasis at Pineridge Mall in Chubbuck.

Though Argueta has owned several businesses in recent years, he tells that the hair salon was the perfect way to combine his love of craftsmanship with his entrepreneurial spirit. And he’s looking forward to unveiling the shop to customers. will have a more detailed story shortly.

A boxing gym opens in downtown Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS – Teachers by day, boxers by night.

Such is the life of Melissa Diaz, a Nevada woman who began teaching fifth grade at Temple View Elementary after moving to Idaho Falls with her husband in 2020.

She and her husband Reyes have boxed since they were teenagers. They moved here to help a family member who is struggling with COVID-19. Ultimately, they decided to stick with it and are now the owners of Vegas Boxing, a boxing studio located at 310 G Street in Idaho Falls.

Together they provide a space to teach clients how to fight at the amateur and professional level. spoke to Melissa recently and will have a more detailed story soon.


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