Who Went Home on ‘The Bachelor Season 27 2023 Tonight? Week 2 Eliminations

We are only in the second week Zach Shallcross Keep searching for love The bachelor, and we’ve already identified one of this season’s villains!

Christina DornCountry singer’s niece Barbara DornShe apparently sparked resentment at last week’s premiere when she told another competitor she hated her.

In the second episode of season 27 on Monday night Briana Thorbourne Let Zach know that she still had hard feelings about how Christina treated her during the premiere episode. True to his word that he didn’t want this season to be all about drama, he dismissed her concerns and basically told her to lighten up!

So which contestants got the shoe in week 2? Find out who Zach Shallcross was sent home on the second night tonight the Bachelor Season 27 – and who got their roses?

Whoever got Zach Shallcross’s first group date got promoted The bachelor Season 27 tonight?

The first date card of the season went quickly, and it was a group date.

Brianna Thorbourne, Brooklyn Willie, Katherine Izzo, Mercedes Northrup, Bailey Brown, Davia Bunch, Cat Wong, Genevie Mayo and Kylee Russel were the lucky invitees to Zach’s first group date in week 2. The ladies loaded a party bus and headed to a warehouse in Los Angeles, where they found a guest star and newly minted Grammy nominee latto on hand to prove to them that they have “bad bitch energy”. The fun started with a dance off.

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