Southern Democrats make push for convention in Atlanta

Southern Democrats are pushing for President Biden to choose Atlanta to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention over fellow finalists New York City and Chicago.

Current and former lawmakers and leaders from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia were among the more than five dozen signers who penned a pleading letter to the president shared by NBC News.

“Georgia’s Democratic turnout is the number one reason you and Vice President Harris are replacing Donald Trump in the White House today, and it’s the number one reason Democrats have retained a majority in the United States Senate,” he said the letter to Biden reads.

“While some experts might argue that there is no link between a convention location and a party’s performance in the upcoming election, holding the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta will have ramifications that will resonate well beyond Georgia’s borders,” he added she added.

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock’s victory in Georgia over Trump-backed Republican nominee Herschel Walker gave Senate Democrats a decisive victory, increasing their majority to 51-49. Warnock is notably among the signers of the letter, along with Democratic Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff, five Georgia officials and other state leaders.

Democrats argue in the letter that selecting Atlanta would be key to recognizing the contributions of Georgia voters during the midterm elections and spurring them to get the vote for Biden and Harris re-elected.

Biden has yet to officially announce whether he will run to remain in the White House in 2024, but has said he intends to and is expected to announce a campaign as early as next month.

Atlanta supporters also say the city’s selection “will inspire Democrats in other competitive Southern states to run, organize, fundraise and volunteer in what is now truly fertile Democratic territory” and serve double purpose could “keep Republicans in the loop.” competitive future races.

“Let’s nominate Joe Biden in the very building where over 40,000 Georgians will be casting their ballots in 2020 — the crucial ballots for Georgia’s 16 electoral votes. As the host of the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia will reignite the enthusiasm that led to victory and inspire Democrats across the country heading into the home stretch in 2024,” the letter concludes.

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