LG robots deliver Korean food from Atlanta restaurant

At Arirang K, a popular Korean BBQ hotspot in Johns Creek, Georgia, robots offer guests a unique futuristic experience and offload servers during peak business hours.

Since June 2022, four LG CLOi ServeBot robotic assistants from LG Business Solutions USA have been helping waiters by accompanying them to guests’ tables while carrying multiple dishes at the same time.

Miok Kim, General Manager of Arirang K, says, “We’ve been serving Korean gourmet barbecue and sushi for a little over three years now and are always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience and provide better service without increasing costs.

“LG is one of South Korea’s most respected tech companies, so we were excited for the opportunity to try out their brand new robot.

“Its state-of-the-art sensors and programming accurately deliver food to customers and assist waiters by reducing kitchen runs.

“Everyone liked the first two so much that we upgraded to four LG ServeBots to maximize the level of service and ensure every customer can see the robots in action.

“Customer experience is also very important to us, and moving the ServeBots around the restaurant is a new and exciting experience for virtually all of our customers.”

As expected, guests quickly fell in love with the friendly looking LG ServeBots helping with the delivery of their delicious meals.

Mentions on social media quickly grew as customers posted photos and videos, and staff were constantly greeted by wide-eyed guests who talked about how cool it was to finally see real working robots in their daily lives.

The LG CLOi ServeBot (model LDLIM21) used at Arirang K includes three shelves, each holding up to 22 pounds, and they automatically follow commands to drive to specific tables or back to the kitchen, allowing kitchen and wait staff to serve groceries can load and unload from its shelves.

As a result, the waiters have to go to the kitchen less often and have more time to look after the customers.

According to server Taylor Robinson, Arirang K’s ServeBots increase server efficiency and customer relationships, while also delighting guests young and old.

Robinson says, “If you’ve ever been to a Korean-style restaurant, you know there’s often a lot of plates on the table, so I was definitely excited to use the LG ServeBots just because there are so many things to carry.

“The main dishes that come out are mostly hot and can be dangerous, so the LG ServeBots can help us by bringing those dishes out and all we have to do is drop them off at the table.

“They take a lot off my shoulders, literally off my hands. I can pick up the customer at the table and hand over the food without any problems.

“Not to mention that customers generally like to see the robots, especially kids who are very into them.”

Offering up to 11 hours of use on a single charge, the LG CLOi ServeBot can be programmed for a variety of floor plans, enabling multi-point deliveries from restaurants to office complexes.

Jeffrey Weiland, B2B Robotics Team Leader at LG Business Solutions USA, says: “The LG CLOi ServeBot is already delivering great benefits to customers and employees at Arirang K and is perfectly positioned to enhance the experience and efficiency in retail stores and hotels as well . ”

As the first commercial service robot to receive UL certification for safe operation in consumer environments, the CLOi ServeBot’s semi-autonomous operation provides businesses with a wealth of immediate benefits, including the extra attention and base promotional value gained by sharing customers in social media, Weiland explained.

According to Aaron Kim of Bravo E Tech, who introduced Arirang K to LG CLOi ServeBots, this successful implementation could well represent the future of hospitality.

Kim says, “As a company that promotes new technologies that benefit the hospitality industry and its customers, we’re always pleased when we can show business owners how a new tool or product will engage guests, inspire multiple visits, and generate positive mentions in social media can lead to .

“Although Arirang K owners were unsure how the robots would work or fit into their day-to-day operations, they understood the value of being the first place their customers would experience a robot maintenance assistant.

“After just two weeks, the first two LG ServeBots had already proved a hit with guests and staff, so they ordered two more. I think that speaks for itself.”

Bravo E Tech’s primary business is the manufacture and sale of commercial-grade golf simulators, and its relationship with LG’s commercial display business has led to discussions about how using the new LG CLOi ServeBot fits perfectly with their business model, a new revenue stream would create and help grow their reputation in the industry for bringing novel entertainment and technology experiences to restaurants.

After the product’s initial success at Arirang K, the owners have expressed keen interest in deploying LG CLOi ServeBots in another up-and-coming restaurant, while Bravo E Tech plans to introduce the technology to other partner companies and possibly even to its franchisees and the Bravo E company recommend tech sites.

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