‘Below Deck’ Rachel Hargrove Shocks Fans With Secret Tattoo

Rachel Hargrove shocked fans with her secret tattoo. In the latest episode of Under deckthe crew enjoyed a day on a sailboat. They also dove into the hot springs and took a mud bath. It was an experience for everyone involved.

It was also a much-needed break after crew drama and high-maintenance charter guests. Season 10 of Under deck was turbulent for the crew. This comes after Camille Lamb was fired for her behavior this season. But it was Rachel who got fans talking this time with her shocking back tattoo.

Rachel Hargrove [Bravo]

Under deck The crew goes on a trip

Captain Sandy Yawn announced during the tip meeting that the crew would be taking a trip on a sailboat the next day. The crew was excited to let off some steam. When they got there, they stripped down to their bathing suits. Chef Rachel Hargrove wore a white bikini with a fun lemon print.

The two-piece bikini was still super modest. She admitted to the crew that she “hates [wearing] Swimsuits.” However, they wanted to get a good look at her back tattoo. In her confessional, Rachel explained why she got such a huge tattoo on her lower back. It was her “YOLO” moment.

Rachel Hargrove wears a lemon print bikini [Bravo]

“Many years ago I decided to get a back tattoo. It was nine and a half hours in one session,” explained Rachel Hargrove. “I love fish. I love certain colors. I like Asian. I said, ‘Slap it on my back, just make it big enough right where it’s not a tramp.'”

The outspoken reality star calls it a “goal” that can come in handy for bedroom activities. Rachel joked that she hopes the guy ends up on her back because she “doesn’t have to breed.” Some of the Under deck Fans were shocked by Rachel’s tattoo. Others were more shocked by the NSFW joke she shared.

Rachel Hargrove cuts ties with Bravo

Last year, Rachel Hargrove announced that she had cut ties with Bravo. Under deck Season 10 was her final season on the show. She didn’t like how the network acted in their feud southern charm Star Austen Kroll. Rachel recalled an awkward moment she shared with him.

Rachel Hargrove [Bravo]

Today she wants to concentrate on her work as a cook on land. It looks like she’s left the raw charter for private dinners. Rachel Hargrove is unlikely to return Under deck See you again in season 10. Fans just have to enjoy seeing them this season.

What do you think of Rachel Hargrove’s secret tattoo? Do you like it? Does it surprise you? Mute below in the comments section.

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