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click to enlarge Jimmy Garoppolo might want to get a Proof-It year before securing a long-term contract somewhere else.  - Terrell Lloyd/49ers

Terrell Lloyd/49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo might want to get a Proof-It year before securing a long-term contract somewhere else.

Ah, here we are again, trying to guess what the future holds for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when it comes to the most important position on the roster. With Tom Brady’s Buc status up in the air for the second straight season, it’s time for another look at the potential options for the under-center position for next season.

This is a realistic list assuming Brady retires or otherwise moves on. No Lamar Jackson or Aaron Rodgers, sorry.

Kyle Trask The likeliest option, the former University of South Florida runner-up, recorded his first NFL action in the regular-season finals against the Atlanta Falcons last year. He was drafted for a reason, and it’s about time the Bucs pulled the trigger and gave him the keys to a season, if only to see what the team has got.

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Derek Carr
Carr could end up being traded elsewhere, and rightly so. I think he still has something to bring to an NFL team. But hey, instead of doing a full rebuild, the Bucs might decide they’re still trying to fight a terrible division and make it back to the playoffs. Could be a lot worse. You could introduce…

Carson Wentz Oh god, the horror. Wentz hasn’t been a good QB in a few years, and it’s long overdue for teams to ditch him as a starter. Assuming Washington cuts him, Wentz could be a very cheap option to bring him in, even if it’s just to beef up the competition with Kyle Trask. Or at worst, we’ll have to see this guy replace Tom Brady. Pretty steep descent.

Jimmy Garoppolo Another year, another inclusion of Jimmy G on the QB list. He had a really productive year last season and might be too expensive for the Bucs (it’s weird typing that sentence), but never say never. He’s still had some down games over the years and has been carried by arguably the most talented lineup in football (if you don’t factor in the QB position). So maybe he wants to prove himself for a year before signing a long-term deal, and the Bucs aren’t a terrible situation for another former Patriot.

Matt Ryan LOL I know right? After watching him take apart the Bucs for so many years, that would be really weird. Nonetheless, Matty Ice was a huge disappointment at Indy, but he’s a veteran who can at least give Kyle Trask some guidance on becoming an NFL QB. In terms of actual play, it might be the least attractive option on this list, but it’ll likely be in the Bucs’ price bracket.

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