B.C. teacher suspended over racist remarks to coworkers, yelling at students

A BC teacher has been suspended for four weeks after a disciplinary investigation found he repeatedly made racist remarks towards colleagues, scaring some students.

Brent Daniel’s first problem arose in 2021 while he was working at a public secondary school in the Peace River South School District.

One of his 8th grade students said Daniel grabbed her by the hood of her sweatshirt after they threw a soft bouncy ball at his head. The student said they fell to the ground and had a red mark around their necks, but Daniel told them they weren’t actually hurt and were just “milking”.

The school district suspended Daniel for 10 days without pay and ordered him to take classes in anger management and conflict resolution.

At the beginning of the 2022 school year, while on leave from the district, Daniel applied to an independent K-12 school operated by a First Nation. He omitted his district work experience from this application, and the independent school was unaware of Daniel’s disciplinary background when they hired him.

During October and November, Daniel made numerous racist comments towards black teachers at that school. Black Press Media has chosen not to include the specific details of these comments.

The school put Daniel on a three-month probationary period, but various problems continued.

On at least four occasions, Daniel has had aggressive encounters with students. In one instance, he yelled at a student when asking to attend an after-school club. In another, Daniel yelled at several students during gym class. He also got angry and slammed a classroom door and cursed when told he couldn’t use a school truck to go home. Finally, Daniel kicked some stacked chairs under which students were hiding from him and yelled at them.

All this was enough to fire him on November 30th.

In addition, the BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation investigated Daniel’s behavior and found it worthy of a four-week suspension from his teaching certificate. In a consent form released Tuesday (January 31), Daniel also agreed to take a course on positive learning environments.

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