15 South Florida companies will present at the Florida Venture Capital Conference in Miami and they are ….

The Florida Venture Forum, the state’s largest support organization for investors and entrepreneurs, today announced the companies selected to present at the 2023 Florida Venture Capital Conference, taking place February 8-9, 2023 in Miami.

This year, 30 presenting companies were selected from a pool of nearly 200 applications by a committee of active venture investors and other professionals from the forum’s membership. Half of the presenters are from South Florida. These companies join a cohort of over 2,000 companies that have attended Forum events since the organization’s inception in 1984. Forum alumni companies have raised over $16 billion in equity and contributed billions of dollars to Florida’s economy, the Forum reports.

“The 2023 conference is already a record-breaker on many metrics, including overall registration, investor registration and out-of-state registration. We’re excited to shine a spotlight on these speakers — and all of the amazing innovation happening in Florida,” said Kevin Burgoyne, CEO of the Florida Venture Forum.

Here are the 15 South Florida companies presenting (information from the Florida Venture Forum):

CO2 limit(www.carbonlimit.com), Boca Raton: An innovative climate tech company that develops and commercializes carbon pollution solutions to protect, heal and improve the environment and our lives.

CAST AI(www.cast.ai), Miami: The company shows how much you spend on the cloud, and then we reduce it. Automatically. In minutes. For any cloud-native application. Any cloud provider: AWS, Google and Azure. With immediate ROI.

cognistx(www.cognistx.com), Fort Lauderdale: The company is based in Pittsburgh and has teams in Miami, Seattle, Lima and Peru. They are an applied AI company that develops systems for artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Credsy(www.credsy.com), Hollywood: The Company is a healthcare provider licensing and permissions platform that enables healthcare organizations to manage their provider network, apply for new ones, and maintain their existing licenses and credentials.

digibee(www.digibee.com), Weston: The company’s platform has hundreds of connectors for various technologies such as API, Web Services, RPAs, ERPs, Webhooks, Databases, Files, Messages, etc. These connectors are tailored by Digibee to the specifics of each application, using only the necessary ones Data disclosed and business definitions used. If a connector does not already exist for reuse, Digibee has two specialized development teams organized in tracks to create connectors for the most diverse and specific systems or technologies. The company’s approach is to offer a user-friendly do-it-yourself solution. Digibee is present at their customer onboarding and then the customer is free to use the platform themselves.

EVQLV(www.evqlv.com), Surfside: The company leverages advances in computing technology to revolutionize the discovery and design of therapeutic antibodies for biopharmaceuticals.

FloSpine(www.flospine.com), Fort Lauderdale: The company has developed a new solution for treating back pain, the KeyLift™. The KeyLift™ is implanted and expands to release nerves that are under pressure due to aging or injury. This condition is known as lumbar spinal stenosis and they believe they have a new solution to treat it. The company has 6 US patents and 4 patent applications (2 international) pending FDA review and prototyping for the development of the latest back pain solution: KeyLift™. FloSpine® is registered as a medical device manufacturer with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

free bee(www.ridefreebee.com), Miami: The company provides free, 100% electric, on-demand transportation as part of the public transit system of many municipalities, colleges/universities and private entities such as corporate parks and hotels/resorts.

More environmentally friendly process systems(www.greenerprocess.com), Boca Raton: The company offers a first-of-its-kind scalable solution to the global emissions problem, helping both the transportation and industrial sectors to address this problem. Their technology is inexpensive, good for the economy, good for people’s health and good for the environment.

health snap, (www.HealthSnap.io), Miami: The company is an integrated virtual care platform that helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes, reduce usage and diversify revenue streams. From chronic disease-agnostic remote patient monitoring (RPM) to AI-guided care coordination, chronic condition management (CCM), patented billing reports, population analytics — and more — HealthSnap is the easiest way to remotely manage chronic conditions.

Itopia(www.itopia.com), Miami: The company is changing what it means to learn and work from anywhere. Their solutions are technological breakthroughs at just the right time. Itopia makes hybrid working and learning easy, flexible and secure by i) streaming graphics and compute-intensive applications from the cloud into a web browser, ii) dynamically scaling the cloud infrastructure to make applications and data as simple, secure and cost-effective as possible provide way and enables secure access without complex technology.

overconfident, (www.overproof.com), Miami: The company is the most powerful platform for alcohol brands. Their innovative solutions help brands leverage predictive market intelligence, access account-level insights, and identify microtrends to build business success.

Referrers LLC(www. referrizer.com), Coral Springs: The company helps franchises make more money with simple and affordable marketing. They offer an end-to-end solution that includes software (primary) and service (secondary). The company solves one of the biggest challenges franchise businesses face. Complexity of so many tools and associated costs. Their solution brings simplicity, results at an affordable price.

The social bridge(www.thebridge.social), Miami: The company connects the best tech professionals from LATAM with international opportunities through our platform. They specialize in UX/UI, software development, data scientists, etc. and anything digital. This platform combines a database of 300,000 candidates with testing, screening and market tools to find the best candidates.

xenesis(www.xenesis.io), Miami. The company uses laser communications technology it deploys in space to connect satellites in low-Earth orbit and provide a backbone architecture for data centers, telcos, governments and enterprise customers.

Information on the other speakers and details on the conference can be found here.

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