‘School choice’ is culture-war focus for Kansas lawmakers

Topeka, Kan. (AP) — Leading Republican lawmakers in Kansas are focused on helping conservative parents remove their children from public schools because of what’s being taught about gender and sexuality, rather than pursuing a version of what critics Florida Call the “Don’t Say Gay” law .

A proposal to allow parents to use state tax dollars to pay for private or home schooling should be available online Tuesday, a day after a House of Representatives committee on K-12 spending introduced the measure.

The introduction comes as funding and curriculum for public schools have become hot topics for conservative politicians across the country. The Iowa legislature passed similar legislation last week, and at least a dozen states are considering similar legislation.

Diverting public money into private schools isn’t a new idea, but it has gotten a breath of fresh air in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, partly due to parental concerns about masks and vaccines. The issue has also been fueled by opposition to the way some schools conduct classes on issues such as gender, sexuality and race.

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