Pope urges Congo youth to reject corruption and they respond

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Pope Francis led Congo’s young people in a rousing denunciation of political corruption on Thursday, turning an otherwise scheduled meeting with church catechists into a rally that rocked the capital’s sports stadium.

Francis was repeatedly interrupted when some of the 65,000 people at the Kinshasa Martyrs’ Stadium took up his call to say “no” to corruption and turned it into a demand for the Congolese president, not for a second term in elections later this year to run for office.

The Argentine Pope often uses his trips abroad to denounce corruption, particularly when meeting young people, hoping that future generations will resist the temptation to engage in dishonest deals for personal gain. The subject is particularly dear to Francis, who has written a book on the subject and is fond of saying that corruption is far worse than sin.

He continued that tradition in Kinshasa on Thursday, denouncing the “cancer of corruption” as he urged Congolese to create an honest future for themselves and their families.

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