Easton zoning commissioner admits falsely reporting car stolen

BRIDGEPORT — Ray Martin, a prominent figure in Easton politics and a real estate agent in Stratford, was given a suspended sentence on Tuesday after pleading guilty to falsely reporting his car as stolen to hide that he had a had an accident.

Martin, 55, pleaded guilty to one count of making false testimony under the Alford Doctrine and was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Kevin Russo to a one-year suspended sentence followed by two years parole.

“You shall have no new criminal convictions,” the judge warned him.

“Yes, Your Honor,” Martin replied.

Martin declined to comment as he and his attorney, John R. Gulash, exited the Fairfield County Courthouse.

A plea under the Alford Doctrine means that Martin did not admit his guilt but admitted that he could be found guilty of the charges if he went to trial. The judge then found him guilty.

Martin previously served on the Easton Police Commission and was a member of the Republican Town Committee for 20 years until last year. He is currently a member of the city’s Planning and Regional Planning Commission.

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