PrivCom Set To Host Data Privacy Week

PrivCom hosts Data Protection Week [DPW] in Bermuda during the week of January 23rd to January 27th.

A spokesperson said: “PrivCom is pleased to announce that we will be hosting Privacy Week in Bermuda during the week of 23-27 January 2023. The initiative has had fantastic support from a range of public and private bodies, both locally and internationally.

“Data Privacy Week is a global initiative where nations worldwide pause to raise awareness and empower individuals [from children to older persons] about privacy, protection and security of information. The global theme for 2023 is “STOP. THINK. CONNECT.’ PrivCom created the local theme ‘We Hear You’ and is offering a full week of events to engage with all facets of the Bermuda community.”

The Assistant Commissioner and Head of Policy and Engagement at PrivCom said: “Balancing the needs of the individual and business innovation is key to privacy regulation. During DPW 2023, PrivCom looks forward to learning more about the needs of individuals and organizations in our community in order to focus our efforts on developing tools, resources and guides tailored to specific sectors of our local community and to the diverse interests of individuals are tailored on the island.”

PrivCom Privacy Week Bermuda January 2023

The spokesman said: “Privacy Week events will include:

“Monday [January 23]: Privacy lesson for children – Data protection lesson for children & young people. From 10-11 am, students from Bermuda’s public, private and residential schools [nursery-age to secondary students] will participate in a range of age-appropriate activities [coloring and naming PrivCom’s turtle mascot to privacy-related stories, games and interactive animation and films] to learn more about digital identities and privacy, privacy choices to promote digital security, and sharing information in online interactions with others. Middle and high school students will participate in a privacy hackathon.

“All students can take part in a competition to color the PrivCom turtle. Local artist Ms. Cherie Richardson created two coloring pages of the turtle – a basic version with privacy-related icons for kindergarten through middle school students, and a more complicated version with additional design for older students. A selection of the entries will be available on the website.

“Special thanks to Education Minister Diallo Rabain for the opening address at the event, Commissioner Kalmar Richards, his teams and all the teachers, public, private and home schools planning to attend. It’s not too late to register here.

“PrivCom has partnered with KPMG to host a pizza party for the winning class of the Name the PrivCom Turtle activity, and a partnership with the TLC Group of Companies will provide the opportunity for the high school privacy hackathon winning group to jumpstart their career by studying the Certified Cybersecurity Champion course. Winners will be announced on PrivCom’s social platforms and website.

“Tuesday [January 24]: Community privacy mastermind – Join PrivCom to dive into a range of topics that intersect with privacy, such as Spring 2023 operations.

“This event is being organized and run in association with Walkers and a special giveaway from The TLC Group of Companies.”

Melanie Fullerton, Senior Counsel, Walkers said: “Walkers is excited to be attending Data Privacy Week and hosting Community Mastermind. We look forward to discussing various important issues and concerns related to the privacy rights of individuals while offering practical solutions.”

The announcer said: “Wednesday [January 25]: Privacy tea party for seniors – A sweet treat for older people to enjoy a special afternoon, sipping tea and sharing their thoughts on privacy, how PIPA protects privacy and easy ways to make smart decisions while engaging online and offline. This event is held in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development [EDD] and catering for the tea by the Royal Hamilton Dinghy Club.

“A special thanks to Minister for Social Development and Senior Citizens Tinee Furbert for supporting the event with opening remarks.

“Thursday [January 26]: Artificial intelligence [AI] in Bermuda: Are we ready? – PrivCom is pleased to present this interactive workshop in partnership with to give Bermuda companies of all sizes a better understanding of AI technologies and how intelligent and responsible AI can open the door to new possibilities.

“In this unique workshop, industry experts will discuss with attendees the benefits of powerful and impactful AI tools to increase productivity and global opportunity, ethical best practices for AI, and the pros and cons of adopting solutions with AI already embedded. The workshop offers entrepreneurs and executives the opportunity to engage with leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, ask questions about how artificial intelligence tools and solutions can impact their business or industry, and gain advanced knowledge relevant to the Preparing for the next wave of these technologies is required.

“To learn more about MKAI, click here.

“Friday [January 27]: Meeting of the Minds event – Specifically designed to provide nonprofits, NGOs, and charities with a safe place to share their thoughts, questions, best practices, and insights on privacy to learn from experiences, share hacks, and celebrate successes from peers. Gretchen Tucker, privacy attorney at law firm Beesmont, will enhance the event by providing legal advice during the event and Ms. Jennifer Burland-Adams, CEO of Wavecrest, will deliver opening remarks. This event is held in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development [EDD].

“Thank you to the Inter-Agency for Committee for Children, Families & the Community [IAC] and all the companies and individuals who supported PrivCom’s 2023 Privacy Week by campaigning for privacy awareness and encouraging others to register for the events scheduled for the week of January 23-28. We would also like to recognize our 2023 Privacy Week influencer partner, the International Compliance Association [ICA]for the active dissemination of the DPW 2023.

“Privacy Commissioner Alexander White will deliver an opening address at each event. You can find more information about Data Protection Week here.”

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