Misfortunes don’t come by themselves. Benzema rebels against Real Madrid

LONDON — ‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’: French press sources have revealed signs of a looming crisis between Real Madrid captain Karim Benzema and the club’s management, stemming from the delay in the world’s best player’s contract renewal negotiations, and his gray position regarding his future next season, despite the start of the countdown, for the last six months of his contract with the Board of Directors. And without warning, Radio “Monte Carlo” raised serious questions about the fate of the Algerian origin at the Royal Club, since he had belatedly revealed his will and intentions in the post-expiration period of his contract, the source of a new crisis for the President Florentino Perez and his council assistants as his decision is linked to the government’s plan to develop and improve next season’s attacking squad. According to the same source, Karim prefers to wait until the end of the season, which in itself contradicts the billionaire engineer’s vision because he wants to know his favorite player’s intentions, whether it’s through a contract extension or finding a new challenge to avoid the worst -case scenario to avoid that the club is forced to face the headache that the Carlo Ancelotti project with this serious numerical shortage on the position of forward n. 9. The newspaper listed the reason for the rebellion of the 35-year-old or the delay in resolving his final decision on his future with the club of the last century traces back to his association with a decision by his compatriot and idol Zinedine Zidane that Benzema will wait and see what Perez will do with Mister Carlito at the end of the season, in other words that he will not hesitate to start his long career in the city of Valdebebas nd if it is decided the Italy coach will stay until after 2023. The report hinted at a desire to see the former Roost striker back at the Santiago Bernabeu in his Zizou reunion, but if that in the summer does not happen, he could accompany him to his potential destination next season after the evaporation of his big dream of riding the runner-up to the next stage and his willingness to return from a convalescence has passed the mark of 18 months since Exceeded the end of his second tenure at Real Madrid in May 2021. Mon sources agree that Zidane will choose between 3 or 4 high-profile offers, led by Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich, and to a lesser extent his former Juventus to take the lead role of FYI and snatch the old women’s team from the clutches of defeat, after the recent crisis that left him 15 points off the Punktza hl removed in Serie A, adding to the major conflict in the news of his return to Meringue in a third term to succeed Ancelotti next season. Benzema’s ambiguity comes at a moment when Ancelotti is going through the worst moments of his second spell with the club, with a resounding drop in performance and results in most periods of the season, the latest of which was the stumble against Real Sociedad on the evening of the weekend, which ended without a goal to keep the team 5 points behind leaders Barcelona in the Scudetto, and before that bid farewell to their Catalan rivals with an embarrassing three-on-one goal in the Spanish Super Cup before winning El Clasico repeated in the semi-finals of the King’s Cup and collided with Liverpool in the last 16 of the Champions League.

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