Hydroponics Market Growth Factors, Applications, Regional

hydroponics market

hydroponics market

Market overview:

The hydroponics market is projected to generate $8.9 billion in revenue by 2030, with a CAGR of approximately 13.45% over the specified 2022-2030 period.

The increasing tension in the horticultural business to meet the evolving crop and food needs of the hydroponic market is leading to a unique search for high-yield farming methods, such as accurate growing and metropolitan growing. Tank farming is therefore seen as a possible answer to addressing the issues that are shortly to be followed by evolving concerns about food security as part of the timeline of global conjectures.

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Market segmentation:

The examination of the tank storage sector shows the increasing commitment of the worldwide market fragments to generate better revenues, which help expand the market’s possibilities to develop in line with the expected revenues towards the end of the period. The market has been segmented into the worldwide market premises in terms of the accompanying elements:

Considering the type

The aquafarming business sector has been fragmented as follows:

complete systems

ebb and flow systems
trickle systems
wick systems

fluid systems

deep water culture
Supplement film technology

In terms of equipment

The hydroponic market has been split as follows:

Central air
Powered grow lights
water system systems
material handling
control systems

In the light of the information

The market has been split in terms of information and includes the following:


Minor Items
develop media


perlite and vermiculite

Considering the type of harvest

The aquafarming business has been fragmented by type of harvest as follows:


Organic Products

With regard to the region

The global market breakdown in terms of territory is as follows:

North America
Asia Pacific
South America
Rest of the World (RoW)

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Regional Analysis

The European district and market is likely to emerge as the overwhelmingly developing place in the worldwide market presences. In the Netherlands, producers who are ranchers generally develop their crops in a single pass like nurseries, without involving the use of advances in environmental control. There has been a fair amount of progress in nursery cultivation that has aided the development of tank farming in Europe.

The North American market consists of the US and Canadian economic sectors, which are increasing the population, which has increased interest in food and other grains. This will push the market towards development during this period.

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What are the key tailwinds for the growth of the global hydroponics market?

The fast-growing agricultural sector and the idea of ​​cultivating plants from completely soilless media are major tailwinds driving the growth of the global hydroponics market.

Industry News:

In May 2021, InFarm recently opened its new branch in the Netherlands in Nijmegen. The office will work in different areas, for example in grocery stores, restaurants and transport centers, with the aim that vegetables will be developed and collected in places close to the checkout.

In April 2021, Scotts Miracle shifted its responsibilities from its Temecula, California manufacturing facility to create face shields due to a lack of individual defense equipment to aid in the fight against the Covid-19 flare-up.

In April 2021, Aerofarms began establishing one of the largest Aerofarms focuses, the largest of its kind at 90,000 square feet. The office is dedicated to craft R&D equipment and commercialization of privately requested plants.

In November 2020, Aerospace contributed $42 million to build the largest indoor grow office at Cane Creek Center, a joint modern park owned by the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County.

In August 2020, Terra Tech Corp began development of its shiny new office in Santa Ana, CA, USA. The office will be a one-of-a-kind, massive-scale marijuana complex designed to support the organization’s businesses through exceptional population and transportation benefits.

In August 2020, LumiGrow Inc. shipped another brilliant TopLight Hybrid installation. The Hybrids will enable customers to benefit from the advanced white product range, which is fully remote and can be controlled via the organization’s SmartPAR programming.

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