‘He deserves golden buzzer’: Peter Rosalita, 11, receives roaring welcome from ‘AGT: All-Stars’ fans

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Abu Dhabi’s Peter Rosalita, 11, set the stage on fire with his stunning performance on AGT: All-Stars. Looking dapper in a cream three-piece suit, Rosalita received a standing ovation from the judges for his powerful rendition of Michael Bolton’s Go the Distance. Host Terry Crews commented, “The judges are on their feet.” Simon Cowell told the singer that his voice has gotten better since he last appeared on the show. “Peter, you’re very old-fashioned, even in terms of your clothes, the kind of songs you sing. However, her voice has actually gotten better,” Cowell said.


Singing has been Rosalita’s passion since she was six years old. With his parents behind him, he arrived at the talent show and left the judges speechless with his voice. When Rosalita took the stage, the judges greeted him with Heidi, who called him “still one of the best-dressed men in showbiz.” When asked what his dream was, Rosalita expressed that he wanted to be recognized as an international singer and to release an album.


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Initially, the singer was a bit nervous about getting back on stage and performing after the last time. But as soon as he started singing Micheal Bolton’s “Go the Distance,” Rosalita was greeted with thunderous applause. The first line of his song gave many fans goosebumps. Heidi claimed, “He smashed the song out.”


“You’ll soon have your own album”

After seeing his performance, the fans are in awe. One fan commented: “Goosebumps. I actually cried the way he delivered the song. Definitely he will go the distance.” Another claimed, “I was smiling the whole video. This boy reminds us that we never stop believing and dreaming and reaching for our dreams. Good luck kid on your journey, the Filipino community is very proud of you.” One fan listened to his performance and wrote, “He deserves a gold buzzer!”


Delighted by his performance, fans praised Rosalita for improving. One said, “It took so much scrutiny, he nailed it, it was so clean and heartwarming.” After Rosalita confessed to the judges that he had a sore throat, one user said, “He has a phenomenal voice. So young but so talented. He was nervous and also sang with a sore throat, his performance was amazing. I was so upset when he couldn’t make the finals at AGT. I know this show was pretaped but I still hope he got enough votes to make it to the finals. Another fan added to the praise, writing: “You’ll have your own album soon!!! Keep believing, because sooo many people believe in you!!! You really are a star in the making! Well done Pete!”

What happened after his last appearance in “AGT”?

After his beautiful performance, Heidi asked Rosalita what happened after his last performance. He told the judges that he may not have won, but his life has changed a lot. He told the AGT: All-Stars judges that he had a puppy named Cookie and asked if Simon would like to see him.


He then showed Simon a picture and also confessed that he was much more nervous about this performance because he had a sore throat. Howie said that regardless of the matter, the singer performed well and improved a lot.

“America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” airs every Monday at 8/7c on NBC.

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