East County parents outraged over recording of teachers bashing students

EL CAJON, Calif. (KGTV) – Parents in East County are outraged after an audio recording reveals teachers at Pepper Drive School made derogatory remarks about students.

The recording was secretly recorded on a student’s iPad last week and sent to other students. In the audio recording sent to ABC 10News, you can hear three eighth grade teachers talking about students over lunch in a classroom.

Teachers can be heard using profanities and profanities to describe students’ behavior. Several parents emailed ABC 10News expressing their disgust and anger at the recording.

“As a parent with a child in the 8th grade, this situation gives me stomach pains. The hateful and demeaning comments these teachers made about children are appalling,” said one parent.

“School should be a safe place for students. I’m sure up until this day the students felt their teachers had their backs,” wrote another parent.

In a letter to the families, the school principal admits that parts of the conversation were inappropriate and that “the tone of the conversation does not reflect our school’s or district’s values ​​or commitment to students.”

The principal also said the matter was being raised by all Pepper Drive staff. The Santee School District could not say if the teachers had any impact on what was said.

“The district cannot comment on confidential personnel matters or confidential student matters, and because of the manner in which the recording was obtained, if the recording is shared, it could become a legal matter,” the district spokesman said in an email to ABC 10 news.

Parents also expressed frustration with the school’s response.

The Headmaster’s full letter to families:

Dear 8th grade families,

“It was brought to my attention over the weekend that an audio recording of conversations between some of our teachers was circulating among the 8th graders. The conversation was recorded by a student’s iPad, which was intentionally left in his desk during the lunchtime recording.

Elements of the conversation were inappropriate and I will work with our Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources to address those elements. Out of respect for the students involved and their privacy, I ask you not to share the audio recordings or participate in suspecting rumors.

I understand that this situation is discouraging and I assure you that the tone of the conversation does not reflect our school or district’s values ​​or commitment to students and this is addressed by all Pepper Drive employees. I will also be in touch with the students involved to ensure they know they have the full support of our staff in their educational journey.”

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